07 Jul 1927 1
05 Sep 2009 1

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Robert Jay Brandt 1
07 Jul 1927 1
05 Sep 2009 1
Last Residence: Beverly Hills, CA 1
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Card Issued: California 1

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Robert Jay Brandt, beloved widower of film star Janet Leigh, died peacefully at his home on September 5, 2009 after a long battle with Alzheimer's Disease. He was eighty-two years old.

Born July 7, 1927, son of Lillian and Walter Brandt from Burlingame, CA, he served as a US Marine. 

He was an avid sportsman and adventurer. Bob was an innovator in the securities industry, founding Brandt Zwick and Company with Barry Zwick and then later Robert Brandt and Company. 

He married Ms. Leigh and raised her two daughters, Kelly Curtis and Jamie Lee Curtis. At the time of Ms. Leigh's death in 2004, the couple had been married forty-two years. 

He leaves many close friends in Los Angeles and Sun Valley, Idaho and is survived by his daughters and grandchildren, Anne and Tom Guest, and his son-in-law Christopher Guest.
Published in the Los Angeles Times on September 13, 2009. 

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