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German War Crime Records


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Many German documents from the World War II period are contained in the war crimes case files of Headquarters, United States Army Europe (HQ USAREUR), Judge Advocate Division. The case files are dated 1945-58, but the German documents are dated prior to May 8, 1945.

The documents are transcripts, in German, of trial testimony, clemency petitions, affidavits, prosecution exhibits, photographs of concentration camps, etc., as well as original German documents used as evidence in the prosecution of the numerous war crimes cases, excluding the Nüremberg Trials, concerning atrocities in concentration camps, atrocities committed on Allied military personnel and Allied fliers who crash landed in Germany, and other crimes.

The documents are arranged by subject folder within categories. A data sheet describing the material in each folder is included preceeding that set of documents. The Judge Advocate Division file number has been used to identify each item wherever given. In other instances whatever identifying information is available, such as the case or exhibit number, has been given as the item number. Overall provenance for the records is HQ USAREUR. Judge Advocate Division, as all German documents in the files were made a permanent part of the records of that office; however, the original German provenance of the items filmed is given as the provenance on the data sheets.

Please note that several of these reports may be disturbing to some viewers who are able to read the German text. Some of the English-language cover pages and subject headings are disturbing in and of themselves.

The images in this collection are digitized from 20 rolls of microfilm in NARA publication T1021, German Documents Among the War Crimes Records of the Judge Advocate Division, Headquarters, United States Army, Europe. The list of contents by roll number is available on the descriptive pamphlet, which can be downloaded in PDF format here.

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War Crimes Trials Case Files, compiled 1947 - 1958, documenting the period 1945 - 1958, ARC Identifier 581096

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WWII German Documents Among War Crimes Records


These images are scanned from 20 rolls of microfilm that make up NARA publication T1021, German Documents Among the War Crimes Records of the Judge Advocate Division, Headquarters, United States Army, Europe, within Record Group (RG) 549, Records of United States Army, Europe. The table of contents for each roll of microfilm is provided in the descriptive pamphlet.

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