Ardelia Hall Collection – Wiesbaden

Ardelia Hall Collection – Wiesbaden


The Wiesbaden Central Collecting Point held mostly German-owned material and objects subject to restitution. The records in this section relate to the activities of the collecting point during its time of operation, 1945-52.

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    These images from the "Ardelia Hall Collection" include administrative records, photographs of artworks, and property cards from the Wiesbaden Central Collecting Point during the period 1945–52. The Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives (MFAA) Section recovered Nazi-looted works of art and artifacts from various storage areas and shipped the objects to one of four U.S. central collecting points, including Wiesbaden. In order to research restitution claims, MFAA officers gathered intelligence reports, interrogation reports, captured documents, and general information regarding German art looting. These images are digitized from 117 rolls of NARA microfilm publication M1947. The Wiesbaden records are part of the “Ardelia Hall Collection” in Records of United States Occupation Headquarters, World War II, Record Group (RG) 260.

    _Note: Much of the content on this page is taken from NARA's descriptive pamphlet for this title. Choose the following link to download a PDF version of the pamphlet: _M1947, Records Concerning the Central Collecting Points (“Ardelia Hall Collection”): Wiesbaden Central Collecting Point, 1945–1952.

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