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Personal Details

Full Name:
Eva Jane 1
Also known as:
Evileva 1
Full Name:
Eva Jane Kelley (ingham) 1
jan1972 1
Place: Bolton (mostly) 1
Institution: Withins secondary school 1
Institution: Tonge moor primary 1
Place: bolton 1
Janes favorite movie:
Somewhere in time 2
Mine n Janes favourite song:
A butterfly child x 3

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Our song

in my heart

our song had the lyrics

 'A butterfly child so free and so wild',and so full of living,

now i realise 'jasemine' was me.......

i still got the teddy she gave me for ma 13th birthday! he still has a place on ma bed!

She is the most beautiful thing I have ever know she was my cousin and only sister marcus sara and luke ever had would ever want her uncle Ian and and Sandra worship ever step she walked and so did ever menber of her family her grandad and granam loved her very ,much she still sadly missed every day. i think every day !

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