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Patrick Swayze 1
Houston, TX 1
18 Aug 1952 1
14 Sep 2009 1

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  1. Contributed by tkplatts


"Now I had the time of my life"...

When I think of Patrick Swayze, I think of clay molding.

He was great in Red Dawn—one of his first. Awesome movie.

Added by blake

I remember having a crush on him after seeing Dirty Dancing and then Ghost.....omg makes me want to do dome clay molding! I hope you are kickin some a$$ at the Road House in the sky, Patrick!

emily eyrich im with you i never saw color i just knew he was so cute and i was going to marry him some day when he was old and no other women would want him how young and dumb i was rip my friend

What was the famous line in Ghost? You take the love with you. He's got a whole lotta love gone with him

he said it best "no body puts Baby in a corner"

Never to be forgotten. Rest in Peace

You will be missed and will never know what an impact you have made to all. Rest in peace and remember we all had the time of our lives because of you!

i love the movie ghost and dirty dancing,they were my favorite,he was a good actor he will be miss.

My husband and I first saw him in "The North and South" series on T V several years ago, and we have watched his movies ever since. He was a good person, true to his own wife, and not all involved by Tinsel Town. He will be missed, he left a good example to follow.

patrick swayze

colmbus ga

i remember his role in dirty dancing . He was great

A Story about Patrick

he was a wonderful actor,dancer and loved his wife.

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