US Historical Documents

US Historical Documents


Why Should I Join Footnote?

  • United States of America has two unique sides to it. They have almost 60 million original US historical documents and they are adding 2 million each month. Primary Source documents are the best way to study history or to verify truth and theory. With the documents that are available anyone who has an interest in family origins or US history will have found a goldmine. Most of these documents have only been available through the National Archives but are now available here at Footnote. They are all digitized and indexed by Footnote. This US Historical Document side has quite a few free collections but there are some that are behind the pay wall. The price of the site is very reasonable.

The second side to this site is absolutely free. With a free registration anyone may become a member of and they can take their shoebox full of historical documents, scan them to jpeg format and upload them to the site. They create their own gallery and have complete control over it.

Footnote creators had the idea from the inception of the site that some of the most valuable historical documents that we might garner would be those that belong to individuals. Connections would be made that no one had ever dreamed of before. Families would have a "free" platform to share their histories and to discover their roots. Instead of having to go to many different sites to gain particular knowledge about an individual, subject or specific event you would now be able to find that information in one spot.

The Interactive Collections!

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Footnote's US origninal documents include the Social Securty Index (Footnote Pages), WWII Army Enlistment Records, The Vietnam Wall, The Arizona Memorial, and the 1860 and 1930 Census. The difference between other sites and Footnote is that these collections are interactive. When you go to one of these collections you will find that you are not only able to get the vital statistics for each individual, you are also able to add your own documents, stories, comments and pictures! These will become a permanant part of each collection. This will allow those that search through these collections in the future to attain a multitude of information both vital and personal. People who have never made connections before will have the oppotunity.

I ran into a fellow who had a friend in the Vietnam War. He was with him when he was wounded and carried him to the Medi-Vac. He rode with him to their destination and then was separated. He never knew if he had survived or not. When he looked on the wall and found his name tears welled up in his eyes. I asked him if he knew this young man's family and the answer was no. At that point he was bound and determined to add his stories pictures and accounts to the wall so that perhaps the family might see the new information and gain some comfort from his account. This is what Footnote is about. Again, they do not only  give you these beautifully digitized US historical documents but they allow you for "free" to add your own precious documents with an unlimited amount of storage.

Invaluable Tool for Students of All Ages!

Primary source documents are the most important research tools in education today. This is a day for critical thinking. Your students education will be changing so fast with the technological advances that we are experiencing that their education will be outdated the day that they graduate. The way that they can compete is to learn critical thinking skills and have the ability to adapt and be continual learners. As they work with primary documents they will gain the skills that they need to form their own opinions and ideas about historical events. This is a golden opportunity for them to walk on their own and find their own way. As a teacher of 20 years I know how valuable this resource is!

As your student studies American History they will no longer have to depend on someone else's interpretation of an event. They can now read Washington's own words in his own handwriting. They can experience the Gettysburg Address in Lincoln's own hand with scratch-outs! They will investigate with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and find out things about historical situations that are not in text books. What happened with UFO's and Roswell New Mexico. In the blue book files we have all of the official US historical documents that have that information. Now is the time to see what really happened in history. Research and reports will be more than enriched with these documents. Teachers will have a time on their hands with opinions flying rampant. That is what education is missing! This site provides that opportunity.

Genealogists Clamor for Footnote

Genealogists love Footnote! Just 2 years ago most of their files were only available from the National Archives ! Their US historical documents contain not only a wealth of vital statistics, but they are rich in connective history and information. Footnote's philosophy from the beginning was to provide these rich documents and to be consistent in putting up about 2 million a month. They are currently putting up the Civil War Pension Files and the US Homestead Records. It will take some time but Footnote is committed to putting up the entire collections and every record that is contained therein. We now have Naturalization Files, Rev War Pensions, Birth and Death Records, City Directories, Southern Claims, The Dawes Rolls, and a number of other records that are done or nearing completion.

Footnote is history at your fingertips. US historical documents have never been easier to obtain. Enjoy the site and good luck on all of your searches.!

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Footnote is the place to enjoy history and watch it come to life. Have fun with the site and you will find yourself drawn to the contribution side of it. Take a look at the story page on the left that my sister and I did for my dad. You will never find another site quite like this one. The US historical documents are original primary sources with the integrity of their originality intact.

Happy Hunting!