Conflict Period:
Vietnam War 1
Army 1
Specialist Fourth Class 1
17 Apr 1949 1
04 Feb 1970 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Danny Ray Roberts 1
17 Apr 1949 1
Male 1
04 Feb 1970 1
Cause: Gun, Small Arms Fire 1
Age at Death: 20 1
Body Recovered: Recovered 1
Casualty Date: 04 Feb 1970 1
Casualty Type: Hostile, Died 1
Hometown: Etowah, TN 1
Marital Status: Single 1

Vietnam War 1

Army 1
Specialist Fourth Class 1
2nd Bn 1
C Co 1
Enlistment Type:
Selective Service 1
E4 1
Major Command:
196th LIB 1
1st Infantry 1
Army 1
Light Weapons Infantry (ARMY) 1
Tour Start Date:
20 Aug 1969 1
Years Served:
0 1
Baptist - Other Groups 1
Race or Ethnicity:
Caucasian 1
Memorial Wall Location:
Line: 102 1
Panel: 14W 1

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Joy  Locke(Photo Credit)
You are not Forgotten Rest in peace
Oct 20, 2009

Tyler Harper
Danny's platoon leader in Vietnam
I was Danny's platoon leader when he was killed. He was within 25 yards of me and two other men when he was hit by an NVA soldier on the opposite side of a hedgerow we were going through. Danny was a brave man and good soldier. My job was easier thanks to men like Danny. Danny was a hero who was always taking risks to protect other men. I miss him. God Bless you,Danny, and your family and friends. Friday, July 19, 2002
410 co rd 3
calhoun, tn 37309 usa
I knew Danny through school and "cruised" with him several times. I was proud to have a friend like Danny. He had a 1960 blue convertible. We found out that the top would go back automatically at 55 mph when you released the clamps. Won't forget you bud. Sunday, November 20, 2005
Bobbie Stewart Brown
A Friend of the family
184 county road 881 Etowah Tenn 37331 U.S.A
I really don't remember Danny i was only 5yrs old when he was killed, But i have visited his grave so many times i can't count. It's truly the most beautiful stone i have ever seen. When i feel like life is to hard to handle i go up to Danny's grave and stand there and just read the words he wrote for us all to read. His Mom and Dad are two of the most wonderful people i have ever known. Danny was taken from his family much to early. So if sometime you feel like life is to hard to handle stop and think like I do, and just remember all of those young men who died needlessly. I have heard alot of people talk about the vietnam war and to this day i still don't know why all of those young men had to die. So if any of you are ever in Etowah Tn. go to Shady Grove Cemetery and see and read for yourself what Danny Roberts wrote to be put on his tombstone it will send chills up your spine and bring and tear to your eye. Danny knew when he was drafted that he would never see his family again in this life. So Danny rest in peace we know you are in Heaven looking down on your family and friends. Feb 4, 2007
greg cook
fellow grunt
apache junction az 85220
dan--rest in peace buddy, we had some laughs in nam.
Feb 4, 2007

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