Anne Frank is probably the best-known victim of the Holocaust. As a young child, her family fled Germany for the Netherlands to escape the escalating anti-Semitic policies. For a time, the family lived happily, but in May 1940, the Nazis invaded the Netherlands and began rounding up Jews for deportation. Fearing deportation, the family went into hiding with four others in a secret annex behind Otto Frank's company. For two years they stayed hidden. During this time, Anne penned her now famous diary. She gave an account of the troubles they faced, but also of her hopes, dreams, and insights. On August 4, 1944, the group was betrayed and the SS came for all eight people. First they were sent to Auschwitz, and then Anne and her sister were sent to Bergen-Belsen where they died of typhus only weeks before liberation. Only Anne's father Otto survived, and he published her diary for the world. Anne's incredible fame never erases the sadness of her story and the tragedy of her death.

12 Jun 1929 1
Frankfurt am Main, Germany 1
March 1945 1
Bergen- Belsen 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Annelies Marie Frank 2
Also known as:
Anne Frank 2
Full Name:
Anne Frank 1
Full Name:
Anne Frank 1
12 Jun 1929 1
Frankfurt am Main, Germany 1
Female 1
March 1945 2
Bergen- Belsen 2
Cause: Typhus 2
March 1945 1
Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, Germany 1
Cause: Typhus 1
Mother: Edith Frank-Holländer 1
Father: Otto Frank 1
Race or Ethnicity:
Jewish 2
Jewish 1
Family Helpers:
Bep Voskuijl: Exchanges correspondence and delivers commodities 3
Johannes Kleiman: Emergency contact 3
Miep Gies: Provided food rations and other necessities 3
Victor Kugler: Provided money, information, support, and protection 3
8th member Fritz Pfeffer comes to hide in annex:
November 1942 3
Anne and Margot are transferred to Bergen-Belsen:
October 1944 3
Anne receives a diary for her 13th birthday:
12 Jun 1942 3
Auguste van Pels arrives at Bergen-Belsen:
November 1944 3
Margot dies of typhus:
March 1945 3
Margot Frank receives a call-up to Germany:
05 Jul 1942 3
Miep gives Anne's diary to Otto:
July 1945 3
Mother Edith dies at Auschwitz from exhaustion:
January 1945 3
Nazi Army invades the Netherlands:
10 May 1940 3
Otto Frank liberated from Auschwitz by Soviet Army:
27 Jan 1945 3
Otto Frank returns to Amsterdam, lone survivor:
03 Jun 1945 3
Otto Franks sets up a company in Amsterdam:
June 1933 3
Otto Franks sets up a company in Amsterdam:
Amsterdam, Netherlands 3
Peter van Pels dies of exhaustion at Mauthausen:
05 May 1945 3
SS and Dutch police arrive, arrest Anne and others:
04 Aug 1944 3
The 8 arrive at Auschwitz; Hermann van Pels killed:
06 Sep 1944 3
The 8 people in hiding are sent to Westerbork:
08 Aug 1944 3
The 8 people learn they will be deported east:
02 Sep 1944 3
The Frank family leaves Germany:
1933 3
The Franks and Van Pels go into hiding:
06 Jul 1942 3

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In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. I simply can't build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery and death.”--Anne Frank

Added by Clio

I always loved her story. I really felt like I was there and when its over it feels like a real friend died not just another name.

We all know Anne's story, or should do?? It is essential in the study of The Holocaust of The Jews of Europe that the story is told, with truth and integrity. Anne's is a Living Testament to what is good, and what can still be good, within Humanity. Read all about the Survivors to see what a triumph Humanity still holds? Patrick Dempsey

her diry was good i gest wish she could have live longer

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