19 Mar 1794 1
Montville, Connecticut 1
1881 1
Mississippi 1

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Full Name:
James Angel Fox 1
Also known as:
Parson Fox, Rev. James A. Fox 1
19 Mar 1794 1
Montville, Connecticut 1
Male 1
1881 1
Mississippi 1
Mother: Lucy Angel 1
Father: Daniel Fox 1
Race or Ethnicity:
White 1
Employer: Clergy 1
Place: Mississippi 1

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James Angel Fox

James Angel Fox was born in Montville, Connecticut in 1794 and died in 1881 in Mississippi.   He was a clergy and teacher who founded many churches and several schools. Well educated and liked.

He graduated from Yale College in 1816 and in 1819  he moved to Mississippi.  In 1823 he was admitted to Christ's Church and ordained a Deacon by Bishop Chase in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He apaprently went back to Mississipp where in 1824 he organized St. Paul's Church at Woodville, Mississippi. 

Then in 1826 he was ordained a Priest in Christ's Church by Bishop Brownell, Hartford, Connecticut.  Around 1830 he founded Christ Episcopal Church in New Orleans, Louisiana.

He established a school in Pinkneyville, Mississippi. In 1847 he became Rector of Christ's Church, Jefferson County. He was President of Jefferson College in 1847. He was Rector of St. Alban's Church, Bovina, Mississippi from 1848 to 1881.

He was married four times.  In 1818 he married his cousin, Sarah Otis of New York and they went south to Cincinnatti, Ohio for a year. From there they went to Natchez, Mississippi by a flat bed boat with thier baby son.  In Mississippi, at this time, James Angel Fox taught school.  They had 5 children.

When Sarah took ill in 1826 James decided he should take her to see her family and went by sea.  Sarah died during the voyage and with no other clergy aboard he had to bury her at sea.  He continued on and left the children with her family.

James then married Emma Louise Sequin in 1829 and they had 8 children.  Emma Louise died in 1845.

He also married Catherine O. Newman and they had at least one son.

James also married Ellen L. Cheesbrough and had at least two daughter who died young.

During the Civil War, General Sherman attacked Vicksburg and camped out on Parson Fox's plantation after taking it over.

Above information for Fox Genealogy - From Thomas Fox of New England To His Descendants in Louisiana - By Raymond T. Fox and John L. Fox and printed privately in 1969 by my father Benjamin C. Fox. 

 The picture on this page of James Angel Fox was given to me years ago.  I have learned that it is a picture in the Old Courthouse Museum in VIcksburg, MS.

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