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Kaiserwald Concentration Camp


The Kaiserwald Concentration Camp was located near the town of Riga in Latvia. Eventually, after the Latvian ghettos had been liquidated, this camp held all Jewish prisoners in Latvia. Forced laborers in the camp worked in several factories, one example was the Allgemeine Elektrizitäts Gesellschaft which used female prisoners to produce electrical goods. Soviet forces liberated the camp on October 13, 1944, but by that time, all of the prisoners had been moved to other camps or killed.


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Place Details

Country: Latvia 1
County: Riga 1
All prisoners have been evacuated or killed:
September 1944 2
Kaiserwald built, several convicts are prisoners:
15 Mar 1943 2
Soviet forces liberate Kaiserwald:
13 Oct 1944 2
SS begin evacuating prisoners to Stuttof camp:
July 1944 2
Surviving Jews in Latvia reside in Kaiserwald:
1944 2
Survivors arrive after Latvia ghetto liquidation:
June 1943 2
March 1944: 11,878 total inmates; 6,182 males; 5,696 females; only 95 non-Jews 1

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