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Janowska Concentration Camp


The Janowska concentration camp began as a factory on Janowska Street in Lvov, Poland. In October 1941, this factory became a camp when the SS established living quarters for forced laborers next to the armament plant. Janowska was not only a forced labor camp, but also a transit center, used to transport Jews from the Lvov ghetto to extermination camps. SS officials in the camp enjoyed killing and torturing prisoners to music, so they organized an orchestra from among the prisoners. The orchestra was ordered to write “The Death Tango,” which would be played during executions. Members of the orchestra were killed prior to the Soviet liberation. The Janowska camp was liquidated in November 1943, after thousands of Jews had been killed or transported to killing centers within its walls.


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Place Details

City: Lvov 1
Country: Ukraine 1
500 Jewish men selected to construct the camp:
02 Oct 1941 2
Lvov ghetto is sealed:
01 Sep 1942 2
Over 1,000 Jews are taken from Janowska and shot:
17 Mar 1943 2
Soviet forces liberate the city of Lvov:
26 Jul 1944 2
SS destroy Lvov labor camp sending 7,000 to camp:
01 Jan 1943 2
The Lvov ghetto becomes a forced labor camp:
05 Jan 1943 2
The Lvov ghetto is established:
08 Nov 1941 2
Thousands of Jews are sent to Janowska from Lvov:
10 Aug 1942 2
Name: Janowska Concentration Camp 1

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