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Dora-Mittelbau Concentration Camp


The Dora-Mittelbau concentration camp began as a subcamp in the Buchenwald system. This camp used prisoners to build weapons of vengeance like V-2 rockets. From its formation in 1943 until 1944, laborers were kept underground continuously digging tunnels and building armaments. Many of these prisoners died of exhaustion and from the poor conditions. The men held in this camp resisted Nazi rule by sabotaging weapons and slowing production. Once Allied forces began closing in on the camp, the SS marched most of the prisoners to Dachau where thousands perished along the way. When Americans liberated the camp, they freed the prisoners and stopped a large hub of Nazi weapons production.


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Place Details

City: Nordhausen 1
Country: Germany 1
1,000 prisoners are sent to Majdanek and killed:
06 Jan 1944 2
Albert Speer inspects camp:
12 Dec 1943 2
Allies bomb subcamps:
03 Apr 1945 2
American forces liberate camp:
11 Apr 1945 2
Dora-Mittelbau becomes an independent camp:
28 Oct 1944 2
Laborers construct underground weapon complex:
28 Aug 1943 2
Prisoners suspected of resistance activity hanged:
11 Mar 1945 2
SS begins evacuating camp:
04 Apr 1945 2
SS reports 29,000 prisoners in camp system:
15 Jan 1945 2
The camp is established as subcamp of Buchenwald:
27 Aug 1943 2
V-2 Rockets Built:
6,000 2
Also known as: Dora-Nordhausen or Nordhausen 1
Total Incarcerated: 60,000 between 1943-1945 2
Total Killed: 17,000—20,000 2

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