Conflict Period:
World War II 1
Navy 1
Chief Petty Officer 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
John Macon Powles 2
From: 1938 2

World War II 1

Navy 1
Chief Petty Officer 1
Service Start Date:
1938 1

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  1. Contributed by Sandylee54l
  2. Pearl Harbor Muster Rolls [See image]


Story told by his son to his wife..

John's son, Richard John Powles was born April 23, 1941 in Brooklyn NY.

John's wife was the former Virginia Irene McLean born 1923 in Queens NY and died Oct. 31,1985 in Pa. She was the daughter of Charles McLean and Irene Cassidy.

Richard John Powles son of John was married to Kathleen Braun born Oct. 23,1948, daughter of Barbra Braun.

They had 2 children:

Tracy Powles born May 14, 1966 who married Michael Montgomery.

John Powles born Sept. 21, 1967

Tracey and Michael's children are:

Bridget Montgomery born May 16,1987

Nichelle Montgomery born Nov. 18, 1989

John Powles married Leathia Hayes born Oct.24,1971 daughter of William Hayes and Linda Ruttecki. Resides Ottsville Pa.

Richard Married Sandra Scholler(Schaller) Trevino on March 2, 1974 divorced July 17, 1979, daughter of Melvin George Scholler (Schaller) and Nettie Mae Sipes Scholler(Schaller).

son: Richard John Powles Jr. Dec. 21,1973 Allentown Pa. Died Nov.21, 1989 Northampton Pa. Buried St. Peters United Church of Christ. Seemsville, Northampton Pa.

siblings of Richard Jr.

Tracey Lynn Trevino born Feb. 13, 1970 Allentown Pa. Married John Fisher. Resides in Hampton Fl.

Glen Michael Trevino born May 3, 1972 Allentown Pa. Married Bonnie

Irene Mitchell. Middletown NJ. May 29, 2011.

Tracey Trevino Fisher's children:

Stephanie Marie DeGrand born Sept. 5, 1991 Allentown Pa. daughter of Edward DeGrand born July 29, 1969 died when drunk driver hit him coming home from work July 24, 1999. Buried Gardens of Rest Cemetery, Wells, Michigan.

Jonathan Dillian Jacks born Jan. 10, 1994 father Warren Jacks of Hampton Fl.

Richard John Powles Sr. married Marie Kasmakites 1979 of Nazareth Pa.

They had one daughter Joan Marie Powles  Born 1980. Lives in Nazareth Pa.

Richard John Powels Sr. married Caroline  Bender of Pen Angyl Pa. at present.

When Richard Sr. was married to Sandra he spoke of his father John Macon Powles often. He told her his father only held him once when he was an infant. She got information from the freedom of information act and gave a copy of all found online and from the Navy itself to his oldest son John Powles. The preceeding info. is John Macon Powles family that was formed by him. He will always be remembered.

submitted by: Sandra Scholler (Schaller) Powles proud daughter in law of John Macon Powles who showed bravery and pride in his country who died for our freedom.  June 6, 2014




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