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Full Name:
Gene Flynn 1
06 Dec 1936 1
29 Jul 1991 1
Place: Lake Providence,La. 1

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  1. Contributed by BethVidal438


even though you are gone, you will never be forgotten

dad always listened to everything that was on your mind. If you were in trouble he never judged you. he was always there ready to help. I miss you daddy.

Over the years As we grow old, We remember our father So brave and bold. In the garden, Leaning on the plow, He would listen to me; I see him now. He would give advice And understand; He was always there To lend a hand. God made fathers Strong and firm, For he knew our lives Would have great concerns. So he gave us fathers To teach us to pray, And guide our lives, And show us the way. So on his day Let’s take the time To say “Thanks, dad. I’m so glad that you were mine.”

remember running up to my dad when he got home in the evening. he would swoop me up in his arms, give me a big ole bear hug. and the special treat, he always had a piece of candy in his pocket. also remember all those many nights i couldn't fall asleep when i was a small child. he would lay beside me and sing to me. and would always say look at the moon baby girl, listen to the crickets. listen to nature. My dad was truely a very special and loving father.

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