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Chelmno Extermination Camp


The Chelmno extermination camp was designed to kill Jews of the Lodz, Poland, ghetto. The camp was divided into two parts, the manor camp and the forest camp. In the manor camp prisoners were unloaded, forced to undress, and then loaded back onto trucks where they were killed with carbon monoxide gas. The bodies were then taken to the forest camp, where they were buried in mass graves or burned in open ovens. At least 152,000 people were killed at Chelmno, most from the Lodz ghetto and other western towns in Poland.


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Place Details

City: Chelmno 1
Country: Poland 1
Beginning of deportation of Jews from Lodz Ghetto:
16 Jan 1942 2
Chelmno camp established:
07 Dec 1941 2
Chelmno reopens for mass killings:
14 Feb 1944 2
Gassing operations begin:
08 Dec 1941 2
Killing operations end:
14 Jul 1944 2
Last Jews from Lodz killed at Chelmno:
23 Jun 1944 2
Polish Jew, Jacob Grojanowski escapes from Chelmno:
19 Jan 1942 2
The Forest Camp is closed:
07 Apr 1943 2
152,000: Killed 2

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