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Buchenwald Concentration Camp


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Dr. Harold Herbst Describes meeting a prisoner on the verge of death (known as a "Muselmann") in Buchenwald [1992 interview]

“One of the most memorable parts of that particular time that I walked through these barracks and walked around barracks, I was walking to the back of the barracks just to see what was back there. And as I walked by a little window that probably was one foot square or thereabouts, I heard a voice and I turned around and I saw a living skeleton talk to me...was talking to me, and he said, "Thank God the Americans have come." And that was a funny feeling. Did you ever talk to a skeleton that talked back? And that's what you...what I was doing. And later on I saw mounds of these living...I mean, these skeletons that the Germans left behind them.”


Source: United States Holocaust Museum; http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/media_oi.php?lang=en&ModuleId=10005198&MediaId=1141

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Created: August 5, 2009 · Modified: December 28, 2009

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