06 Jul 1861 1
24 Nov 1941 1
Chandler, Warrick County, Indiana 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Charles Andrew Wiggers 1
06 Jul 1861 1
Male 1
24 Nov 1941 1
Chandler, Warrick County, Indiana 1
Cause: Angina Myocarditis 1
Burial Place: Park Lawn Cemetery, Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana 1
Mother: Magdalena Hahn 1
Father: Jacob Wiggers 1
Emma Karoline Thube 1
01 Mar 1888 1
Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana 1
To: 24 Nov 1941 1
Farmer 1
Evangelical and Reformed 1
Race or Ethnicity:
Caucasian 1

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His Parents: Jacob and Magdalena Wieggers

Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana

Charles A. Wiggers' parents were Jacob and Magdalena Hahn Wieggers.  It was during Charles lifetime that the spelling of the last name was changed from Wieggers to Wiggers. The couple emigrated from Germany pre-1861 as Charles was born in the United States. We do not know much about his parents other that when Jacob Wieggers passed away, he left his son Charles two mules to help him on his farm.

His Children

Vanderburgh County, Indiana

Charles and his wife Emma had ten children.  They are:

Magdalena Carolina (Lena) Wiggers 1888-1977 Spouse: W. W. E. Krusenklaus
Augusta Elizabeth Wiggers 1890-1961 Spouse: Henry F. Goedeke
Minnie Louis Wiggers 1892-1964 Spouse: Frederick William Kuhlenschmidt
Arthur A. Wiggers 1894-1934 Spouse: Meta Gerichs
Charles (Oscar) E. Wiggers 1896-1940 Spouse: Frieda Barbara Kuhlenschmidt
John Carl Wiggers 1898-1976 Spouse: Jessie M. Engel
Bertha Marie Wiggers  1900-1984 Spouse: Carl Ludwig Kuhlenschmidt
Victor J. Wiggers 1902-1981 Spouse: Amy Schultheis
Infant Son Wiggers 1906-1906
Emma Maria Wiggers 1909-1981 Spouse: Edward G. Elikofer, Jr.

Family Portrait

Warrick County, Indiana

March 1917 Wiggers Family Portrait

Sometime during March 1917, the Wiggers family were together for a family picture.  This was taken at the home of Emma and Charles Wiggers at R.R. 2 Chandler, Indiana on the Millersburg-New Harmony Rd.  It was the home of the Wiggers from 1906 to 1942.  From 1942 until 1965 it was the home of their 3rd daughter, Minnie and her husband.

Back Row: Fred Kuhlenschmidt, Welsie Krusenklaus, Charles "Oscar "Wiggers, Arthur Wiggers, John Wiggers, Bertha Wiggers Kuhlenschmidt, Victor Wiggers, Henry Godeke

Front Row: Elmer Kuhlenschmidt, Minnie Wiggers Kuhlenschmidt, Harry Kuhlenschmidt (on his mother's lap), Magdalena Wiggers Krusenklaus, Themla Krusenklaus Wall, Mr. Charles A. Wiggers, Emma Wiggers Elikofer, Mrs. Emma Thube Wiggers, Marie Godeke, August Wiggers Godeke.

Golden Wedding Anniversary

Warrick County, Indiana

March 1, 1938

It was nearing the end of the depression, and as a farmer there wasn't much cash on hand.  Emma and Charles Wiggers were married on March 1, 1888 and March 1, 1938 was their Golden Wedding Anniversary.  Their family celebrated with a dinner at which Emma gave a speech that provided future generations with one of the few glimpses into life for this couple.  She described the marriage as a happy and successful union.

Pictured are:

Front Row: Lena Wiggers Krusenklaus, Mr. Charles Wiggers, Mrs. Emma Wiggers, and Augusta Wiggers Godeke

Back Row: Bertha Wiggers Kuhlenschmidt, Victor Wiggers, Emma Wiggers Elikofer, John Wiggers, Minnie Wiggers Kuhlenschmidt, and Charles (Oscar) Wiggers.

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