Conflict Period:
Korean War 1
Navy 1
Feb. 22, 1919 or Feb. 16, 1919 1
08 Mar 2002 1
New Bern, NC 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Victor Norris 1
Feb. 22, 1919 or Feb. 16, 1919 1
Male 1
08 Mar 2002 1
New Bern, NC 1
Cause: Lung Cancer 1
Burial Date: March 2002 1
Burial Place: New Bern Memorial Cemetery 1
Mother: Nancy Ora Dixon 1
Father: Alvester Norris 1
Patsy Merritt Sullivan 1
07 Apr 1972 1
To: 29 Nov 1999 1
Bertha Verona Pollard 1
01 Apr 1939 1
To: 07 Apr 1972 1

Korean War 1

Navy 1
Farmer, Life Insurance Agent 1
Christian 1
Race or Ethnicity:
Caucasian 1

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  1. Contributed by stowe


I have many memories of my dad. He was kind and humble and loved Jesus and his family. He wasn't perfect, and made mistakes in his life, but was never too proud to admit them and say he was sorry. I miss him.

he loved to have fun he loved to hear people sing for him i wished i got to say my last goodbye to him but i wasn't in newbern when he died

Good Night My Friends

New Bern, NC

Good Night My Friends

As the day began this morning for me,

I peeked outside the world to see.

The sky was dark, and somewhat foreboding,

but down in my soul, a spark, that kept my thought from eroding.

As I walked the dogs, the light that had been hidden from view,

broke out just a little, and I could see the dew.

It sparkled and glittered, and made my heart glad

as I stepped up my pace, and pictured my dad.

Sitting in heaven, and watching me there,

smiling at me with no hurt and no care.

I caught just a glimpse, then my thoughts turned away,

and focused on what was ahead for the day.

The dogs fed, and walked, and settled back in;

I went off to work until the day's end.

Now back at home, my friends here on line,

bring joy to my soul, and peace to my mind.

As I get ready to lay down my head, my prayer to the Father

my website to take, and keep all my web friends safe.

Forever and always, my friends, you and me,

are spun in a web by the Father, you see.

Kept by His love, saved by His grace,

one day we shall meet face to face.

The day is now over, it's come to an end,

all that is left is to say, "Good night my friends."

 by Vickie Eubanks-Stowe

Added by stowe

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