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Alice Krakauerova Seelenfriedova

Hodonin, Czechoslovakia

Alice was the third of six children born to Jewish parents in the small Moravian town of Hodonin, where her father ran a dry goods and clothing store. The family spoke both Czech and German at home, and Alice attended a German-language secondary school. After graduating, she married her teenage sweetheart, Otto Seelenfried, who was a chemical engineer.

1933-39: Alice and Otto moved to the town of Jihlava. In 1934 Otto died from a ruptured appendix, and Alice returned to live with her parents in Hodonin. In 1935 she moved to the city of Brno, where she found work as a manager in a department store and fell in love with a man she had met. In March 1939 the Germans occupied Bohemia and Moravia and quickly imposed restrictions on the Jews.




1940-42: In May 1942, a month after her parents had been deported, Alice was ordered to prepare for deportation: each deportee was allowed to bring a maximum of 44 pounds of luggage. She was deported by train to the Theresienstadt ghetto in western Czechoslovakia. After a few days there, Alice was placed on a May 25, 1942, transport to Lublin in Poland.

Alice is believed to have died either in a Nazi work camp or in an extermination camp in Poland. When she died, she was 39 years old.

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