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Francesco Inghilleri 1
Frank Glero 2
Age in 1930: 59 2
Estimated Birth Year: 1871 2
Place: SACRAMENTO County, California 2
From: 1930 2
Enumeration District: SACRAMENTO CITY 2

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  1. Other information I have dug up but have no way of knowing how accurate it is, is as follows: Frank and Antonio were brothers to maria Inghilleri. Frank (Chico) came to the U.S. sometime before his sister Maria. He worked here in Sacramento and died — Contributed by Limitless_Eternity
  2. Census - US Federal 1930 [See image]


Uncle Frank Inghilleri (Glero) by Vincent P. Lo Forte

Carmichael, California

Here is some information I gathered from my cousin Vera Glero, a descendant of the Inghilleri line.  Vera lived in the flat just below us at 307 10th Street in Sacramento about 1916-1919.  Through her mother and father she gathered up some information which I pass on to you.  I notice that your chart did not show the third child of the Inghilleris which Vera accounted for in the following narrative.

Take note on the story of Francisco Inghilleri; it differes womewhat from that your father related the last time we were to gether.  Francisco was not a political refugee according to Vera's story.  Theis may be the factual version since Vera's mother and father lived more closely and intimately with Francisco than the Lo Forte's did.

Francisco Inghilleri came to the US to escape a possible jail sentence.  He was caught by a  police officer bagging and taking grapes away from a vineyard.  According to Vera, in Italy you were permitted to enter an orchard vineyard and eat what fruit you wanted; this was legal in Italy and other Eurpoean countires so that one would not go hungry.  But you were not permitted [to take] it away for sale or other use.  Uncle Francisco new [sic] the penalty was a long jail sentence.  He struck the officer knocking him down and escaped.  He made his way to America on a forged passport made up for him by a paid professional expert on such matters.

Francisco lost part of his right arm at just below the elbow.  A stub only remained of the forearm.  This happened in a hunting accident while he was living in the US.

Francisco's first wife was Rose Massi, born 1879, also a Scicilian[sic] who had come to Sacramento from Scicily.  Rose and Francisco were married in Sacramento in early 1900.  Rose Massi was the sister of Domenica Massi, Vera's mother.  Rose died in 1933 in Sacramento.

Francisco's second wife, Matilda, was married to him in 1935.  We have not been able to get any more information about Matilda.  Francisco preceded her in death which came in 1937.

Francisco was not a warm friendly person.  Vera and I compared our childhood experiences of him.  We both assessed it that he didn't really like children.  However, remember that we were quite young at the time.  Vera, though, did live in proximity to Francisco more years than I did.

The picture enclosed is of Francisco and his first wife, Rose Massi.  Note Francisco's right arm is hidden away.  The arm had been amputated.  My guess is it might have been a wedding picture, probably taken early 1900s.  Francisco may be about 30 years of age and Rose 27 years old.

I got sidetracked to Francisco's story so I finished it up and sent it on.  I'm not sure you can use it, but I sent it on anyway.

Love,  Uncle Vincent.

According to 1903 entry through Ellis Island, Rose Masi is already married. That led to finding their marriage 7 Nov 1895 in Piana dei Greci Civil Registration records.

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