21 Jun 1917 1
27 Jun 2009 1

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Also known as:
Mabel BROOK 2
Full Name:
Mabel H Brooks 1
21 Jun 1917 1
27 Jun 2009 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 1

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Mabel H Brook

Apache Jct. AZ


Elmer Brook married Mabel Mae Gould, they have one son, Ernest Brook.  Ernie married Patricia Roberts.  Ernie was a butcher at Cutahey in Phoinix for many years, he drove a big truck across the State for many years, then drove a GIANT 150 ton (Wabco or Euclid) Truck at the rock and gravel Co in Phoenix AZ until he retired.

  Pat and Ernie are our Best-Ever Friends.  (I put up with her ! ;)   They have 2 sons, Gregory and Michael.  Michael passed in about 1991 and Greg married Cathy.  Pat and Ernie have 2 grandchildren, Minor and Crystal.

  I am Barbara Ennis Connolly, Pat and I worked together for a bit, but mostly Pat worked Customer Service at the Optical Labs in AZ, and I am a Lisenced Optician and knew her from the Labs.  Pat and Ernie have a beautiful place in Apache Junction, AZ. where Ernie has an amazing talent working with wood and can build practically anything (and HAS) - Cabinetry and artistic work making vases out of Burl Wood, and many wonderful Treasures !  Pat did beautiful Ceramics for very many years, they live in the foothills of the majestic and rugged Superstition Mountains. 

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