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Jamestown, Virginia

Jamestown, Virginia

# Name: Capt.Nathaniel BASSE
# Given Name: Capt.Nathaniel
# Surname: BASSE
# Sex: M
# Birth: 29 Dec 1589 in London, , , England
# Death: 3 Jul 1654 in Virgina
# Immigration: April 27, 1619 Jamestown, Virginia
# Christening: 29 Dec 1589 St. Gabriel Ch., Frenchchurch St., London, England
# Burial: 3 Jul 1654 Church of St. Alphage, Cripplegate, London
# Note:

    In The Complete Book of Emigrants 1607-1660, pg. 46, Coldham quotes, "Living at Basse's Choice in 1624, Captain Nathaniel Basse and Samuel
    Basse." Then, on August 30, 1654 shortly following Nathaniel's death, this was recorded (slightly paraphrased), "...heirs of Nathaniel Basse deceased without issue. Major Edward Basse, 60, London, deposed that Hester Hobson, Abigail Thorpe, and Sara Hastler are sisters and are daughters of Humphrey Basse and wife Mary. The sisters are co-heirs with Luke Basse who died a bachelor and was the brother and heir of Nathaniel Basse."
    Captain Nathaniel Basse and Samuel Basse were noted living at Basse's Choyce Plantation in 1624, Isle of Wight Co., VA (northeast of Smithfield, VA).

    Basse's Choice Plantation is a Virginia Historic Landmark. Presently, there is an archaeological dig there as scientists try to discover more about the first years of life in Virginia.


    2. NATHANIEL BASSE, CAPT. (HUMPHREY2, WILLIAM1) was born December 29, 1589 in Middlesex Parrish, London, England, and died July 3, 1654 in Cripplegate, London, England. He married MARY JORDAN May 21, 1613 in Middlesex Parrish, London, England. She was born Abt. 1591 in London, Elgland, and died January 17, 1629/30 in Middlesex Parrish, London, England.

    Nathaniel Basse was christened, December 29, 1589, at the Church of Saint Gabriel Church, Fenchurch St., London, England. Nathaniel was commissioned to bring settlers to the New World. On April 27, 1619, they arrived at Jamestowen, Virginia, founded in1607 (Isle Of Wight County,1608-1907) with one hundred settlers in a ship commanded by Captain Evans. They immediately settled near the mouth of a creek on the south side of the James River still known as Lawne's Creek. Captain Nathaniel Basse and others undertook to establish another plantation in the same neighborhood. This plantation was known as Basse's Choice and was situated on the Pagan River. Nathaniel was back in England in early 1621/22 and returned to Virginia in 1622. He was commissioned to seek colonists for Virginia in New England and elsewhere.

    The houses of Captain Basse's plantation were being built when a great calamity happened to the infant colony. At midday on Good Friday, March 22, 1622 there were twelve hundred fourty British inhabitants in the state of Virginia. Of these, three hundred forty seven were killed by Indians in the eighty settlements on the north and south sides of the James River, of which fifty three were residents of this county (Isle Of Wight County). At the house of Nathaniel Basse every one was slain. Nathaniel, who was in England at the time, escaped.

    A muster of the inhabitants of Virginia taken in 1625 includes Nathaniel Basse, age 35. Nathaniel was a member of the House of Burgesses in 1624,1625, 1628 and again in 1629. He was a Councillor in 1630.

    Nathaniel Bass returned to England and is buried in Church of St. Alphage, Cripplegate, London England, 3 July 1654.

    Sourceses: Nathaniel Basse: "The Bass Family of Black Creek, North Carolina", compiled by James Albert Bass and James Albert Bass, Jr., 1986.

    Burial: July 3, 1654, Church of Saint Alphage, Cripplegate, London, England

    The first English settlement in the area known by the Indians as Warrosquoake (Isle of Wight Co., Virginia) was made by Captain Christoper Lawne, Sir Richard Worsley, Knight & Baronet, and their associates NATHANIEL BASSE, Gentleman, John Hobson, Gentleman, Anthony Olevan, Richard Wiseman, Robert Newland, Robert Gyner and William Willis. They arrived at Jamestown with one hundred settlers on 27 April 1619 in a ship commanded by Captain Evans. They immediately settled on the south side of the Warrosquoake River (James River) and established the plantation "Warrosquoake", to be known as "Lawne's Creek". When their patent was confirmed it was to become known as the "County of Isle of Wight".


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