Joan Baez is more than a famous folk singer, she is also a political and human rights activist. Joan uses her music and her fame to support, at times controversial, causes for civil rights and especially peace. She performed at the legendary Woodstock festival, married draft resister David Harris, and sang at the March on Washington in front of Martin Luther King, Jr. She exemplified the counterculture of the 1960s and continues to this day to stand for what she believes in and promote peace throughout the world.

09 Jan 1941 1
Staten Island, New York 1

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Personal Details

09 Jan 1941 1
Staten Island, New York 1
Female 1
Mother: Joan Bridge Baez 1
Father: Albert Vinicio Baez 1
David Harris 2
26 Mar 1968 2
To: 1973 2
Buys her first guitar:
1956 2
Family moves to Massachusetts from California:
1958 2
Gives birth to son Gabriel Earl:
December 1969 2
Headlines at Woodstock:
16 Aug 1969 2
Marched with the Irish Peace People:
1978 2
Performs in Sarajevo:
1993 2
Performs regularly at Club 47:
1959 2
Recorded her first solo LP titled Joan Baez:
1960 2
Signs A&M records, releases Come From the Shadows:
1972 2
Stands with Cesar Chavez:
1966 2
Touring with Bob Dylan; Performs at March on Wash.:
1963 2
Withholds 60% of income taxes to protest military:
1964 2
Under Contract with Vanguard Records:
From: 1960 3
To: 1972 3

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