29 Aug 1958 1
1959 1
Gary, Indiana 1
25 Jun 2009 1
Los Angeles, CA 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Michael Jackson 2
29 Aug 1958 1
1959 2
Gary, Indiana 1
Male 1
25 Jun 2009 2
Los Angeles, CA 3
Mother: Katherine Esther (née Scruse) 1
Father: Joseph Walter "Joe" Jackson 1

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Michael was fabulous in every way-his music was energetic for anyone to listen to and then his dancing was the best--alot of performers and entertainers learned from him and his family::He will be terribly missed by all:::

I have an autographed photo I got from him when I was younger.

Added by blake

Got to say that his "Off the Wall" album was the best.

Hey may have been one weird dude,(basically from a screwed up childhood) but he had some chops & sweet dance moves that would make me ALWAYS want to get my groove on! He's an ICON!

he was the cutest and greatest of the Jackson 5!

we were the same age, and i grew up listening to his fantastic music!! He was the king of pop and a brilliant singer and song writter!! he will be missed very much!! R.I.P. MICHAEL!!!!

He was a legend before his time - and will never be forgotten!

I remember how he could mesmerise a crowd and make them go crazy for him. RIP Baby!

his fantastic dances and that lovely smile. another King gone too soon

remembers sitting on my front porch with my new boom box listening to my very first tape (Michael), and being so in love w/ Michael and his music.

I remember standing for about 1/2 hour in Radio Shack watching Thriller for the first time with my brother because we didn't have cable or MTV. It was an amazing performance.

my son imitating his every move and song

He was truly and will always be a gr8 inspiration to me... A legend in his time.

Remember when everybody wanted that famous jacket and glove, and the moonwalk, man he was amazing!!!

michael jackson was the best he always gonna be the best.........u will be miss michael!


I remember every thing about Michael Jackson.

Michael was a very talented and i love his music. I remember doing the moonwalk, and i loved thriller. He was amazing. His memory will live on forever.

RIP Michael......I'll miss you!

he was a talented and bizarre individual, by most standards of normalcy

And my mom said to me when I was young (5 years older then Michael) that he wouldn't last, that his voice couldn't last. I am glad she was very wrong! He was a better person than many people thought. He has a tough childhood and many didn't understand. I can under stand! I loved his songs and adored him when he was a child! May he rest in true peace!

his moves and songs good dance moves he was cool

Michael was the real thing a true genius, humanitarian, there will never be another Michael Jackson

He sang beautifull meaningfull songs with passion and compassion. Songs that inspired us to be better.

i have listen to michael since i was about 5 years old and i am 27 now. I LOVE his music and it just a very sad thing tht the king of pop had to die. people just would leave him alone before it too.. so rest in peace michael where no one can take your talented name and turn in around. LONG LIVED THE KIND OF POP.... MICHAEL JACKSON... REST IN PEACE YOU THRILLER!!!!

He was a VERY Beautiful & Caring Human Being ! He made a difference in this hurting world.

I grow up with Michael song,s and my youngest son had his dance down packed,he had song,s that made me cry and song,s that really hit home,I will miss his come back but I will all ways remember him,long live the pop of songs,R.I.P. Micheal your memory will live on.

This is very hard for me because i grew up watching him just like everybody else in the world did. I remember him every since i was three years old ever since the off the wall album in 1979 i come to tears thinking about it he seemed larger than life to me like he could do anything from the off the wall album to the Invincible album all the hits Remember the time, Thriller, Beat it, Billie Jean, one of my personal favorites Human Nature from the Thriller album I remember the Thriller Video that is to me the best video ever made in my opinion besides the smooth criminal video and remember the time video. He was my idol and he will always be the Undisputed King Of Pop and yes he will always be "Im Bad'

The Greatest Entertainer that ever lived, ever! God Bless You Michael!

Michael may god rest your soul in peace. R . I . P. we all love you and we all rember the tim when u rock every body's wold!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!

I remember his humility. I remember his gentle eyes and smile of pure love and kindness. I remember how he cared about his fellow man and this whole world. I remember the feeling of greatness that came over me listening to and watching him perform. I remember the ugly rumors about him which I never believed. Thank God for Michael! He truly was his instrument of peace <3

I grew up with your music Michael Jackson. I addored and love all your songs. But my all time favorite was "We Are The World" to me that was the most heart felt song ever sung. May you reat in peace and I will never forget you. Love you Michael. Long live your music and memories.

It would have to be the chills I got when I first saw him moonwalk. Actually it still brings the chills every time I see it. RIP Michael... Al Sharpton had one of the best quotes today. "I want his children to know there was nothing strange about your father, it is strange what your daddy had to deal with." You would have been proud today.

He was the inspiration for everything I did in my life, he keeps me pushing the bar, and he makes me express myself to the fullest.

I want u back was the first record I ever bought, I'll remember it always, I was only eight years old. He is such a loved man

I grew up with your music Michael Jackson. I addored and love all your songs. But my all time favorite was "We Are The World" to me that was the most heart felt song ever sung. May you reat in peace and I will never forget you. Love you Michael. Long live your music and memories. i will missing you lol sarahi

WE wish you were stll here with us . You were apart of my whole life in music . You wonderful , Thank you for time we had with you!!!

i remember the first time i heard ben. Thriller was my favorite album and i will NEVER forget the block party i attended when i was 22 and his music started to play......i got into the music and just followed it.....i found myself doing his twirl and when i finished it i realized i was everyone was standing around me and going INSANE!!! Michaels music brought out something in me that I can't was transforming and i miss the magic.

I remember Michael from the 70's, when the Jackson 5 had a cartoon show. Listened to casettes of the Jackson 5 and remember their competition, the Osmonds who also had a cartoon. Appreciated the talent then up until Billie Jean era.

my 1st mj single i ever owned was rockin robin. my cousins ,my sister and i would dance and sing on our front porch. For xmas, we got the jackson 5 christma album(yeah ALBUM!). Little drummer boy was my favorite. My 1st kiss was to Human Nature(lol). Didn't realize the irony til much later. Micheal was a part of my life as much as my family and friends. Hell, we pretty much grew up together. The block parties,college dances, my wedding he was there. My kids listened to him and thought he was the greatest singer ever. I couldn't agree more. He was more than the moonwalk, the one glove and king of pop; he was universal. He will be missed an he will always be loved. To his family, i want to say thank you for sharing your gift with us.

Michael Jackson Gave So Much To The World. He Was The Best King We Ever Had.

Michael was an amazing human being whose legend will live on forever! Michael has taught me to dream big and to make my dreams happen. I will miss Michael so much!

your footprint in the world of pop music would be forever remembered. may your soul rest in perfect peace from the troubles of this lawless world

Accidentally recording over a tape that belonged to my brother when I was a little girl. (When you recorded songs off the radio to a When my brother turned on the tape to listen to MJ, I just heard him yell my name from My oldest brother just told me to stay in my room for a while until my brother calmed down. I had no idea what he meant to my brother, he cried for a minute and made me sit and listen to what I did later. That song became one of my favorite songs and John Mayer did a wonderful job jazzing it up "Human Nature". I lost it when it started to play. I miss that man so much right now.....

When I was fortunate enough to go to his concert for my 10th birthday. When the concert begin it was a huge screen and these boots lit up the stage and walk across the screen. I remember grabbing my heart cause it stopped and telling my mom I couldn't breath. She said she I had to use the bathroom like 5 times and kept saying "my heart, my heart". I'm still just as excited about him as I was so many years ago. I Miss you much, MJ

his crazy dance moves nobody else had anything like it and he will always be in my heart even when im gone

That cute little boy with the big afro up there on that stage singing and dancing his heart out!!!! No matter how he grew and changed, that picture will always remain with me. I'm so glad I went to that concert!!

Michael was the most amazing entertainers of all time. Many will try to be like him but Michael was and is one of a kind. Music will never be the same. I will forever miss him. Me and my little sister use to dance around in our rooms to Michael's songs. Even now that he's gone we still do this. I watched the whole memorial, I cried through the whole thing. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL!!!!

The first time he did the Moon Walk on National TV and trying t do it just like him, but i wasnt that good... Michael Jackson was the man...

The first time I saw Michael was the talent show at Roosevelt High School in Gary, Indiana. He was six years old. When he sat on the edge of the stage and sang Who's Loving You, the women went crazy. I remember thinking, he's only a baby and he has all this power. An awesome talent. Every song, every performance, was a winner. He will be missed forever. Rest in peace, Michael.

I was growing up with the Jackson Five and The Osmond brothers.... I loved the Jackson Five. I STILL have the original Motown 45 of Rockin' Robin with "Love is here, now your gone" on the B side.... when the Thriller video came out I remember I could not stop viewing it, I would watch MTV just to view this video. Being a person that has a passion for music.. I thought how much this is going to have a huge effect positively on the music industry. That is when I really appreciated MJ and realized the tremendous talent he has and his effect as a multi-talented super star.... As I grew older I became much less interested in pop music and still am not into pop music....BUT, I never thought that MJ molested any of the children he invited into his home and I STILL don't believe it. Yes... he was a freak... but NOT a child molester. With the stories that have surfaced since his death about him and his life should be enough to let anyone with doubt know that now. MJ... thanks for what YOU gave the world.

I remember when The Jackson 5 started we bought the albums, and 45's. When Michael started singing alone I did the same thing. I also bought the VHS. My grandson , now 15, then 9, saw the VHS of Michael , took them home and watched them so many times the tapes broke. He learned all the songs and tried to do the dances. The younger grandchildren 8 an 6 were able to see the VHS before they broke. I was glad about that, because they knew of Michael and they knew his songs When Michael passed they were sad, however everyday they watch the videos on the computer, and sang along with him. He is missed . He is one of a kind. He is out of this rat race world, and at peace. Thanks Michael letting us into your life while you fulfulled your purpose on this earth.

He was great dancer and a singer !! He was a great person of this era !

I remember trying to do the moonwalk and failed horribly at it.

rest now michael, you have the peace and respect you deserve. Now they will leave you alone!!!

I will miss you dearly Michael. I saw you once. And that was amazing. I miss youu!!! :'[

He ws born on birthday i love his video THRILLER

Well he was and is a legend! love his music.. 'specially his music with his brothers! will always remember MJ! forever in my heart... rest in paradise!

his style,kind,smile,dance and his love for this world...

zipper pants and zipper jackets! great musician

I remember dancing and trying to moon walk as a kid, just like Micheal.


Thare are alot of things I now but the best one is seeing how happy he maid evereone.

the way he preformed was mesmerizing...the way he smiled, "ya knock me off of my feet"

I still Rk out to your vidoes adn love your music ... you will always be remembered we love you Michael..

His personality, his style, he was so different than everyone else. He is the DEFINITION of pop

Seeing the Jackson Five perform at Disneyland some 40+ years ago.

o glorious day to hear you bit the dust!

I will always remember Michael...His moves his look his need to help feed the children all around the world...I love you Michael....You are remembered................

I remember everything, his dancing, his music, his love for everyone, his love for the world...everything. I even remember the first song that I listened to and it was "Heal the World". What's interesting about that is that I was 6 days old and I remember the music and the lyrics. When I found out that he heart stopped. I have yet to stop crying...I'm going to miss everything about him. I love you, Michael. Rest in peace. ='(

Having such a beautiful voice and a wonderful Smile !!

Curing me..

I remember dancing in my room, as dramatic events were occurring outside my bedroom.. my heart was deeply scrambled by heavy weight of the situation.. and then I played "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin" and in those minutes of the song, everything was alright.

He was the greatest entertainer I'd ever seen!!

I grew up listening to Michael,when he passed it was not only a tradgey and loss for his family,but for the whole world

the only performer to truly tell a story with his song and capture you

I remember watching him and his brothers singing ABC on Bandstand. I thought it was so cool to see someone not much older than myself singing such a fun song. I was sooo young then. My love of Michaels music has grown with me.

the famous legend that ever lived.. He brought many positive changes for the world and music... love him much...

the famous legend that ever lived.. He brought many positive changes for the world and music... love him much...

When he broke the world's record with having the BEST SELLING album of ALL TIME!! (THRILLER!!)

He was sooo loved by sooo many. And sooo extremely talented. We can only hope he knew how many people loved & supported him and his work!

i loved his music he is the king of pop R.I.P Michael Jackson your music will live on forver no one will forget you

I remember when "Rockin' Robin" came out and I sang it for a talent show in 4th grade! Gods I am old. I was only eight years old. It was 1969 just before Hurricane Camille hit in Mississippi.

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