Conflict Period:
World War II 1
Army Air Forces 1
Sergeant 1
07 Feb 1920 1
Worthington, Greene County, Indiana 1
20 Jul 1943 1
Shot-Down over Italy 1

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Personal Details

Chester Barton 3
Age in 1930: 14 3
07 Feb 1920 1
Worthington, Greene County, Indiana 1
Estimated Birth Year: 1916 3
20 Jul 1943 2
Shot-Down over Italy 2
Cause: WW II B-25 Mitchell /Combat Mission 2
Place: LITTLE RIVER County, Arkansas 3
From: 1930 3
Enumeration District: WALLACE TWP 3

World War II 1

Army Air Forces 1
Sergeant 1
Service Start Date:
20 Oct 1941 1
Service End Date:
20 Jul 1943 1

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Sgt. Chester Barton, 310thBG,379thBS, KIA

20 July 1943

Chester Barton was in the 310th Bomb Group, the 379th Bomb Squadron, He was a Radio/Gunner on a B-25 Mitchell flying Combat Missions out of Africa.  20 July, he was in the ship #42-64597 which was shot-down over the Target.

MACR 250 Radio/ Gunner, Trained at Columbia, SC (Born in Indiana, 1920) Joined 20 Oct.1941(MACR 249)


Barbi Ennis Connolly, 57th BW Researcher.

SGT. Chester Barton ~KIA~ 20 July 1943

SGT. Chester Barton was a Radio Operator and Gunner with the 12th Air Force; 57th Bombardment Wing; 310th Bombardment Group; 379th Bombardment Squadron; stationed in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations (MTO).

His Hometown was Worthington, Greene County, Indiana.

Tuesday, 20 July 1943
379th BS Mission Summary: (Ops Order ---/mission ---) Group Mission # : Just as there are days we long remember, there are also those days we like to forget as quickly as possible. July 20 was one of those days for our squadron suffered its only casualty of the month when one of our planes went down over Monte Corvino airdrome. The crew of this plane is missing in action.

379th BS: Extracts from Missing Air Crew Report # 249: The target for July 20, 1943 was Monte Corvino Airdrome, Italy, which was bombed by thirty-six (36) B-25’s at 1408 hrs., led by Colonel Hunter as Flight Commander. Thirty to forty enemy aircraft were seen to be dispersed on the field. Six or seven being hit in one dispersal area and two in another. Bombs also fell into ten to twelve aircraft otherwise dispersed. Hangars and buildings were hit and left burning. The plane piloted by Lts. Harrop and Faulds failed to return from this mission.

A/C B-25C; Serial No. 42-64597; MACR-249;
crashed near hangars at target

P Harrop, Robert L., 1Lt - MIA, DED
CP Speidel, Carl N., 2Lt - MIA, DED
N None
B Henderson, Gilbert F., T/Sgt - MIA, DED
E None
R Barton, Chester (NMI), Sgt - MIA, POW, died as POW
G Beaty, Joseph L., S/Sgt - MIA, DED
F None

Last Sighted: DeLouche, Remi T.; 2LT., O-795366
Saw Crash: Haskell, Harris M.; Tsgt; 10600409
Saw Crash: Waldrop, Harry T; SSgt; 39844637
1 Parachute Seen

SGT. Chester Barton bailed out of the plane, but was mortally wounded and died as a Prisoner Of War (POW).

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