KIA, 2 Dec.1943, B-25 Mitchells, Shot Down, 2 dec. 1943 1

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Charle O Brown 2
Age in 1930: 15 2
Estimated Birth Year: 1915 2
KIA, 2 Dec.1943, B-25 Mitchells, Shot Down, 2 dec. 1943 1
Place: SANTA CRUZ County, California 2
From: 1930 2
Enumeration District: SANTA CRUZ CITY 2

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Charles O Brown, Jr. 321st BG, 447thBS, 57th BW


"BROWNIE"  From the start-time at Scott Field, about April-May 1942, every other weekend Ed took the train to Chicago where his "Bride" Alta was Head of Surgical Technique at Michael Reese, and every other weekend (until Grad. in Sept)  Ed's other Friend, Jack Best's wife (Helen) would come, stopping to gather Alta (Helen was from Pittsburg, PA) and continue on to Scott Field, on the OTHER side of Illinois !  Ed and Alta, Jack and Helen Best and Charles "Orville" Brown, Jr. "Brownie" would have a grand time, a few beers, home-made sandwiches and lots of card-games !  They made a lot of FUN out of very few supplies and enjoyed the weekends very much.

     Barbi Ennis Connolly, Daughter and 321st Bomb Group Historian.

In the 1930 Census, Charles "Orville" Brown, Jr was living with his maternal grandparents, Ansel and Sarah Sims on Branciforte Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA.

Charles O Brown, Jr. was living at 6 Manor Avenue, Santa Cruz, Calif when he joined the AAC on 4 Feb. 1942, at Moffitt Field, Calif.  He was born in 1914 in Calif. He met his 'best friend" Edward C Ennis while being assigned to the Army Air Corp. "Scott Firld, Ill Radio Academy" where they became fast friends.  Ed and "Brownie" went to Boca raton to learn Top Secret "Airborne RADAR" and then they traveled to DeRidder AAB in LA.  "RADAR" men were assigned to the 321st BG on 1 Jan.1943 5 to a Squadron (4 Squads)     Brownie met his "other" best friend there (Walter Cantrell) at DeRidder AAF, LA to continue learning Air Combat.  Ed and Brownie graduated from Radio School 12  Sept, 1942 and  AMAZINGLY, stayed together and were assigned to the 321st BG, the 447th BS as a RADAR men on the 1st Jan. 1943 with the B- 25 Mitchell Medium Bomber Group.  Gen Bob Knapp's 321st Bomb Group! would make HISTORY as they were the 1st to make the Atlantic Ocean Crossing, the Southern Route in a single mass without loss.  Feb. 1943 out of Morrison Field, Fla.

Barbi Ennis Connolly

"Brownie" Charles O Brown, Jr.


"Brownie's" FAMILY

MILDRED Ethel Baughn was "Brownie's" MOTHER.  Mildred was the ONLY Baughn daughter born in South Dakota, and both census that Brownie is in, says his Mother, was born in South Dakota.  

His Father was Charles Orville Brown.  Charles Orville Brown was registered for WWI draft.  He and Mildred were divorced and he moved back to Oregon some place near where he had family.  Only once did he visit Orville and it was a disappointment.  Orville's (real) dad, Nick Doman raised him and he was loved by all of his family.

 ~~~~~SEE ATTACHMENT~~~~~~~~and January 8th, 1920 (we find Mildred widowed/divorced, in the 1920 census).  
PERHAPS Charles Orville Brown, SENIOR, served in WW1.

Brownie's Mother, Mildred, later married (about 1922?) a man named Nicholas Domancich (later shortened to DOMAN), and they had TWO daughters, so Brownie/"Orville" has 2 half sisters, (Palmena) Palma Doman, born about 1923, and Sarah Lou Doman, born about 1926.  Sarah Lou was probably named for Mildred's Mother, Sarah L. Brown Baughn Sims.  

Mildred lived to be 99 years & 7 months old.  50 years WITHOUT her son, Brownie/Orville.

Now, Mildred's 1930 census says she was 1st married at 16, which would have been about 1909, but the 1910 census, says she is 17, at home, and SINGLE.  Mildred & Charles O. Brown, SR. may have been married shortly AFTER the 1910 census.

California Birth Index, 1905-1995
Name: Charles O Brown
Birth Date: 16 Oct 1914
Gender: Male  
Mother's Maiden Name: Baughen  
Birth County: Santa Cruz  
January 05, 1920 census/Santa Cruz Co. California/Santa Cruz/roll 148/
ED-231/page 112b/sheet 3b
Family#: 89-89
Ansel Sims/56/Married/ILL/NJx2/poultry missing?
Sarah L./wife/61/Married/KYx3
Charles O. Brown/Grandson/5/CAL/SOUTH DAKOTA/ORE
George Moris/Servant/40/Single/Scotlandx3/immigration-1909/Alien Status
laborer/farm work

Living at 363 Branciforte Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 


World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Name: Charles Orville Brown
County: Residence: 39 School Street, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County
State: California  
Birthplace: Oregon;United States of America  
Birth Date: 9 Apr 1891
Race: White  
Roll: 1544331  
DraftBoard: 0  
Age: 26
U.S. Citizen: Natural Born
Occupation: Barber
Employer: M.L. Rittenhouse
Place of Employment: 153 Pacific Avenue
Nearest Relative: Not Given
Dependants: Yes, Wife & Baby
Height: Tall
Build: Slender
Color of Eyes: Blue
Color of Hair: Light
Signature: Charles Orville Brown
James Andrew Barrett, Registrar
05 June 1917
Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Co. California
January 08, 1920 census/Santa Cruz Co. California/Santa Cruz/roll /page ??b/sheet 6b
Family#: 154-169
Mildred Brown/26/WIDOWED/South Dakota/ILL/KY/saleswoman/bookstore


April 03, 1930 census/Santa Cruz Co. California/Santa Cruz/roll 215/ED-6
Page 171a/sheet 2a
Family#: 46-51
Ansel L. Sims/67/1st Married at 56/ILL/NJx2/poultry
Sarah L./wife/71/1st Married at 22/KYx3
Velma V. Baughen/daughter/28/Single/WY/ILL/KY
Charles O. Brown/Grandson/15/CAL/SOUTH DAKOTA/ORE

Living at 19 Oceanview Avenue ,  Santa Cruz, CA


April 04, 1930 census/Santa Clara Co. California/San Jose/roll 219/ED-62/page 41a/sheet 4a
Family#: 93-115
Nick Doman/36/1st married at 26/chef/hotel/JugoslaviaX3/immigration-1912/Naturalized
Mildred E./wife/36/1st married at 16/SOUTH DAKOTA/ILL/KY
Sarah Lou/daughter/3yrs-8months/CAL/JUGO/SD

Living at 850 South Third Street, San JOse, CA
U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946
Name: Charles O Brown Jr
Enlistment Service # : 19040584
Birth Year: 1914  
Race: White, citizen (White)  
Nativity State or Country: California  
State of Residence: California  
County or City: Santa Cruz      
Enlistment Date: 4 Feb 1942
Enlistment State: California  
Enlistment City: Moffet Field  
Branch: Air Corps  
Branch Code: Air Corps  
Grade: Private  
Grade Code: Private        
Education: 1 year of college  
Civil Occupation: Salesmen, insurance  
Marital Status: Divorced, without dependents  
Height: 70  
Weight: 169  
U.S. Rosters of World War II Dead, 1939-1945
Name: Charles O Brown Jr
Gender: Male  
Race: White  
religion: Protestant      
Cemetery Name: Nettuno (Permanent Cemetery), Nettuno, Italy  
Grave number: h 6 5  
Disposition: According to next of kin      
Service Branch: Army  
Rank: Staff Sergeant  
Service Number: 19040584  

California Death Index, 1940-1997
Name: Mildred Ethel Doman
[Mildred Ethel Baughn]  
Social Security #: 545362022  
Birth Date: 8 Aug 1893
Birthplace: South Dakota  
Death Date: 25 Mar 1993
Death Place: Santa Clara  
Mother's Maiden Name: Brown  
Father's Surname: Baughn  
Social Security Death Index
Name: Mildred E. Doman
SSN: 545-36-2022  
Last Residence: 95014  Cupertino, Santa Clara, California, United States of America
Born: 8 Aug 1893
Died: 25 Mar 1993
State (Year) SSN issued: California (Before 1951)

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