December 11, 1921 1
May 23, 2009 1

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Roy W. Hedin 1
December 11, 1921 1
May 23, 2009 1
Place: Utah 1

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A Story about Roy

Roy was born December 11, 1921 the first child of William Gabriel Hedin and Mary Augusta Linenea Weijland in Salt Lake City, Utah, He married Delores "Joy" Steadman July 18, 1949. Roy graduated from South High School, then attended the U of U for a year before being called to the New England States Mission where he served from 1941-43. Two months after coming home, he joined the Army Air Corps before being drafted in the infantry. He received two years of college credit during this time and had just graduated as 2nd Lieutenant as the war ended in 1945. After returning home he worked several jobs, including teaching part time for Thompson Flying Service teaching people to fly. In 1948 he joined the Salt Lake City Fire Department where he worked for 38 years as a fireman, then in the shop repairing fire and police equipment for many years. In his final few years he worked at the Salt Lake City Airport as a paramedic for the Fire Department. He and Joy were the parents of three children: Craig, Barbara , and Grant.

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