I am married to a Vietnam vet, who just turned 60, May 22. I honor him and those who served there.

22 May 1949 1
Indianapolis Indiana 1

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Full Name:
James Fanroy 1
Also known as:
"soul" 1
22 May 1949 1
Indianapolis Indiana 1
Male 1
Mother: Willa Mae Fanroy 1
Father: James B. Fanroy 1
2/3 Echo Co. Recon 1st. Cav. Div "I remember!" 1
disabled 1
Race or Ethnicity:
American 1

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  1. Contributed by fanroym225


I fought for my country

Fort Wayne, IN

My beautiful complicated husband served in Vietnam from 1967- 70. He remembers those he served with vividly every night. Here's a comment from him, and a poem I wrote for him this very day the 25th of May. We just celebrated his birthday on the 22, I am blessed to have him in part with me, because some of him was left in the nam somewhere.

This Memorial Day I remember my comrades who fell as we celebrate for those of us who lived it still seems to late. James Fanroy

My country called and I fought,

I learned well what I was taught.

Vietnam the things i've seen

Some were beyond mean.

I served my country as I should,

To liberate a people for the better good,

Three years I gave of my life

Come home to eggs thrown and names called, in my heart they jabbed the knife.

I gave all I could and have never understood

Only the Vietmanese treated me good.

But the country I fought for threw me away,

Nightmares remind me day by day.

What I left of me in Vietnam for my country,

Never will I be the same me I use to be.

Getting off the plane in uniform I was proud,

To greet me was an egg throwing name calling crowd.

What keeps me are those memories of those I liberated

Memorial Day my fallen comrades are by me celebrated.

To those who came back and live,

Honor to myself and you I give.

To all those who fought with my beloved James Fanroy (Army 151st Calf) I honor you along with my beautiful husband the war you fought is not ashamed or forgotten. I benifited from your lose and sacrifice if no one else acknowledges this fact I do. All who answered the call by our countries government "well done good and faithful servants" this day and forevermore.

Welcome home Brother! I was at Cam Rahn Bay in 1969 with the 14th Aerial Port Squadron. I've been where you are and I wish you the best.

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