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Asa Reed 1
Age in 1860: 70 1
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Female 1
Estimated Birth Year: 1790 1
Place: Roane County, Tennessee 1
From: 1860 1
Minor Civil Division: 15th District 1

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  1. Census - US Federal 1860 [See image]


1850 Roane Co., Tenn lists Asa as Asha Reed. She is listed with husband, Robert Reed who was born in Pennsylvania.

Robert Reed of Roane Co., TN and Asha Stubb of Roane Co., TN applied for a marriage bond on Feb. 4, 1822. The marriage was solemnized on Feb. 28, 1822 by Brasher Roberts, J.P. in Roane Co., TN

As danglob listed below, Robert Reed was indeed married to ASIA Reed. The 'Asha' that appears on the marriage license, Asa as appears on one census and various other spellings are mistakes. She appears to have been named after an aunt named Asia Jones. Vitals: Asia Stubbs Birth: 1790 , Tyrrell, North Carolina, USA Death: abt 1865 , Roane, Tennessee, USA (The lineage is still being verified, but it is very likely) Father: Jesse Stubbs Birth: 1758 Alamance, Alamance, North Carolina, United States Death: 1824 Roane, Tennessee, United States NOTE: There are Stubbs on both Asia and Robert's families. They appear to be separate branches back at least 4 generations thus far (continuing). Will update as possible. Mother: Mary Jones Birth: 1764 . Tyrrell, North Carolina, USA Death: 1836 , Roane, Tennessee, USA Death information cannot be substantiated as Tennessee, the likely death state has no open records--will call today. She existed for the last time on the 1860 census and then was absent from the 1870 Robert Reed detailed census (family members listed), when he appeared to live with a grown child and spouse and minor children). Robert Reed is absent from the 1880 census, so it is logical he most likely passed away from 1870-1880. More research pending. (Thank you for your interest, danglop! :) **Any death, probate, land, will--anything substantiating death dates for these two would be much appreciated (especially if sourced :)

Currently trying to determine if Robert Reed and Asia (aka Asha, Asa) Stubbs were the parents of Mary Ann Reed (1830-1910). Mary Ann Reed was the wife of Rufus Morgan Kincaid. They were married in Roane, TN 1848. They appear in Roane County in 1850 Subd. 20, where Robert Reed and Asia lived. Mary Ann regularly reports in census records 1880, 1900, 1910 that father born PA, mother SC, she herself born TN. Robert and Asia/Asha/Asa report Robert born PA, Asia born NC (1850), VA (1860). Would seem a strange coincidence that a Reed couple with a virtually identical signature to what Mary Ann was reporting in later census records lives in the same subd. of Roane County, in the 1850 census, as Mary Ann and RM Kincaid, her husband.

Don't know if they are the parents of Mary Ann Reed, but they had a son William born March 1830 that I am descended from. Any idea about Robert's parents?

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