Conservative Poet Tom Zart's = LOVE POEMS

Conservative Poet Tom Zart's = LOVE POEMS


WOO ME, LOVE ME, PROTECT ME If you hunger for wholeness of body and soul Cherish me, forsaking your sweethearts of the past. Woo me, love me, protect me and remain truthful And I shall serve your needs and pleasures to the last. Listen, understand, question and support me And I’ll crave your touch till my heart pumps no more. Submit to the memory of sadness and sorrow Of how pessimistic and lonely we were before. Promise you will honor, humor and provide Shoulder our burdens, dreams and wishes. Perform your best to keep loyalty alive As we share our laughter, sadness and kisses Staying eager to cooperate, with what ever works best, Keeps us performing love for each other without shame. Let us readily commit to the mysteries of marriage As we humbly share our lives, loved ones, and name. By Conservative Poet Tom Zart Most Published Poet On The Web

Conservative Poet Tom Zart's = Love Pomes

  • Lenexa KS


Life's a book written through
Where the pages are the years.
There's good, evil, false, and true
With laughter, sweat, and tears.

Our days are songs composed by God
As we set them to music with pleasure.
His cup of life is for us to drink
Though, He, decides the measure.

Hurried and worried, dawn till dusk
There's no time for a curtain call.
We burn our candles from both ends
And we're lucky to be alive at all.

Cards are shuffled and hands are dealt
For all to place their bets.
Youthful blunders, adulthood struggles
And old age, with its regrets.

It matters not, how long we live
But more, how well we play our part.
For the road to heaven is always near
As long as there's truth in our heart.


A mind may see a thousand eyes
Though the heart yearns for two
When the eyes we love have up and gone
To the arms of someone new.

Eyes that twinkle, I distrust
For they are the distant stars.
Eyes in love have a steady glow
Like Venus, the Moon or Mars.

Eyes of love, like planets at night
Use borrowed light to shine.
Eyes are the living lenses
To the camera of our mind.

Eyes tend to believe themselves
Like the blind love of mothers.
Eyes speak without words
To the hearts and souls of others.


No rope or cable can hold so tight
What love can do with twine.
No kiss can taste so bittersweet
As the one which captures our mind.

The first sign of love is the last of wisdom
As eager hearts fulfill desire.
Love is just a staple of life
Though heaven sparks the fire.

Heaven knows no rage like love
Once to hatred it has turned.
How wise are we who are such fools
Who forget the lessons we've learned.

Love, indeed, descends from heaven
Like a shooting star across the sky.
Love sometimes stirs the dust,
Till tears fall free from the eye.

God must love people in love
Or he wouldn't make so many.
Those who claim it's a mental disease
Have never been loved by any.

Love is stronger than life itself
And jealousy more cruel than the grave.
Men and women have loved one another
Since they spent their nights in a cave.

When the hands of love
Touch the strings of souls
There'll be babies on the way.
That's the basic rules of life
No matter what games we play.

Like the flowers in the fields
We shed our shields
To be warmed by the sun.
We live our lives the best we can
Till death catches us on the run.


You 're the full moon of my nights
And the sunshine of my day.
Like a queen upon her throne
You rule what I do and say.

It's God who makes us beautiful
And the Devil who makes us mean.
It all depends on whom we follow
Which way our lives shall lean.

With one foot in the future
And one foot in the past
Let us try to live our days
As though each was our last.

You're the wild rose of my life
My flower of desire.
Made by God for me alone
Out of earth, stars and fire.


You're the bone of my bones
Who I love for my wife.
The flesh of my flesh
And my partner in life.

For me to have and to hold
For better or for worse.
To love and to cherish
Though we might fight and curse.

Be I richer or poorer
Till death makes us part
I will give you great portions
Of my soul and my heart.

Heaven won't be heaven
If I don 't see you there
May the first to go
Be me, is my prayer.


The first stage of a family group
Begins with husband and wife.
Shelters are rented, bought or built
As they yearn for more from life.

Families are found throughout the world
In bone clusters buried in caves
Where ancient people lived and loved
'Till death placed them in their graves.

Humans still have that need to group
As a family to survive
They love and care for each other
In the world in which they strive.

Families are a nation's crown jewels
Far more than a golden coin.
Members find love and sympathy
From the groups they've chosen to join.


Tears are the raindrops of the soul
And there's one for all who die.
They are the silent words of grief
As they fall free from the eye.

The shortest verse in the Bible
Is the one where Jesus wept
So, if you hold back tears, "shed them"
When your pains too harsh to accept.

Tears are lovelier than a smile
When they come from those you love.
As they seek relief from sadness
When you're summoned from above.

Tears are a love-mates humble gift
When it's time to say goodbye
Though the eyes are wet and swollen
With time and patience they dry.


Love and electricity are a lot alike
For we never seem to miss them till their gone.
We need both, every day of our life
And even more so between twilight and dawn.

Love resembles a self-consuming amber
A static current of both pain and pleasure.
It can warm our bed and lighten the darkness
And for most who don 't have it, it's a treasure.

We can turn it on or we can turn it off
Depending on whatever we're forced to do.
It may shock us, please us, thrill us, or hurt us
Though once without it, we can't wait to renew.


A kindly woman can make a sad man sing
With her love and affection winter seems like spring.
Of all the pleasures in life given to a man
There's nothing beats the touch of a woman's soft hand.

God saw Adam alone on Eden's floor
Then decided to give him Eve's love and much more.
So take what you need from she chosen for you
Then rid thyself of others and to her be true.

The Lord planted love within mankind's heart
Though things can grow sour when from Him we depart.
Love and hate are but two sides of life's golden coin
So be ready for both no matter whom you join.


Forgive me, forgive me
And I'll kiss your tears away.
You're the first thing and the last
I think of every day

Let bygones be bygones
And be willing to forgive.
And I will love you only
Every moment I live.

I love you and I need you
It's a fact and not a lie
So if you plan to punish me
Say anything, but good bye.


The truest words, which portray my love
I speak to you from within my heart.
May we always recall how we feel
Though through conflict we're forced to part.

No one can say how long they will last
For life is not everlasting.
Yet most hope to be blessed by love
By he who does our casting.

As the fear of battle bites my flesh
My thoughts of home help keep me sane.
There's no guarantee that I'll survive
But either way, I'll serve without shame.

Should the cold hands of death reach for me
I pray my soul will awake from sleep.
To the voice of God assuring me
That my spirit, he's chosen to keep.

So try to remember while I'm gone
That the person I need most is you.
I'll fight like hell to stay alive
To return home to the love I knew.


Where would we be without sex
Like coffee minus the sugar and cream.
As Adam was before he knew Eve
With no purpose to dream and scheme.

No reason for fathers and mothers
No reason to buy flowers and candy.
No reason for diamonds and jewels
Viagra, wine, liquor or brandy.

No reason to purchase a sports car
A fine house, muscle shirts or a new dress.
Basically, a cake without icing
So thank God and pray for more not less.


Whenever I'm lonely, sad and blue
There's nothing better than a night with you
You're the best I've known, present and before
I don't dare tell or they'll pound on your door.

It's neither a secret nor a surprise
That others are waiting for my demise.
God blessed you when he made you so pretty
That's why so many continue being flirty.

God blessed me when he gave me your heart
For I'm not wealthy, famous or smart.
But I'm strong, healthy, and hard working too
And what ever it takes, you know I'll do.


There aren't many heroes for me in this world
Yet, day and night you're my hero and more.
I know our marriage is important to you
Though you may speak loudly and slam the door.

Like a flower from heaven we're blessed by love
And what hardships await us, we'll weather.
Dealing with difficulties that we may face
You choose to work them out together.

You're endlessly curious about how I feel
And you listen to everything I say.
You're my hero, my life mate, and my lover
Who honors me with concern everyday.


Emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and diamonds
Are the keys to a woman's heart.
He who shops for the stones of love
Has hunger for both beauty and art.

She'll display her jewelry proudly
Around her neck or on her hand.
Showing to all that she is loved
With no need for another man.

So spend your money or use your card
And head for the nearest mall.
Purchase something you know she'll love
And for you and your faults, she'll fall.

They say that money can't buy love
Though, it sure can help things along.
And the stones of love help set the mood
For a woman's forgiveness when you're wrong


You're great to gaze upon,
And ever better to touch.
Though sometimes your moods
Are a bit too much.

Your body is warm,
And your skin is fair.
All that I acquire,
With you, I'll share.

When you come home
Tired from working hard.
I help with the house
And manicure the yard.

You always respond
No matter how you feel
To a great back rub
Wine, and a good meal.

I've said thank you a thousand times
To heaven and God above.
That some how, some way
I have someone to love.


Where would I be without you?
And where would you be without me?
Trapped in the arms of a second choice
Forever envious of all, as we.

My need for you makes life special
Because I live it for you.
Everything seems more possible
And easier to get through.

Each hour is a new adventure
Where, what awaits, no one knows.
Through friendship, tears and laughter
We ensure our romance grows.

Even ordinary moments
Aren't the same any more.
Together we have so much
To plan, accomplish and explore.


I love to be loved in the morning
I love to be loved at night.
I love to be loved anytime
For love in the darkness is light.

I pray every day to say thank you
For all I have others do not.
I pray every day cause I'm guilty
For I don't deserve what I've got.

Your love is the best of the rest
For your mission in life is me.
Once I was selfish and cruel
But fearing your loss made me see.

God gave Eve to Adam
To smile and suffer no more.
God gave you to me
I will love you forever more.


I think of you as I smell a rose
I think of you when I see your clothes.
I think of you if I weren't here
Who would love you and call you dear.

I think of you when I'm asleep
I think of you and will me you keep?
I think of you when I kneel to pray
Recalling all which you might say.

I think of you and what you mean to me
I think of you and all you can be.
I think of you when you're not home
I feel your presence whenever I'm alone.


Another loveless weekend
And It's my fault I'm alone.
I toss and turn in the dark
Feeling pain I've never known.

Just outside my window
There's a full moon in the sky.
Every leaf is dancing
As the winds of night pass by.

There's sorrow in my heart
And a tear in my eye.
First one, then another
Till my pillow is no longer dry.

I took your love for granted
Putting your needs on the shelf.
Feasting on all you gave
Only thinking of myself.

Then God sent you another
To reward the person you are.
Someone who would love you
At home and afar.

Seeking your approval
By how they use their mind.
Always speaking words of truth
Preferring to be kind.

To your memory I confess
For I no longer have your ear.
I pray for God's forgiveness
And for love beyond my tear.


If I told you I loved you ten times over
I would fail to fully convey.
How much you are my world of joy
As you share all you have each day.

Our memories of our blessings past
Give us faith as we struggle or play.
Our dreams of the challenges ahead
Are why we choose to always pray.

Someday in heaven we shall exist
While earth will forget who we are.
Side by side we’ll transform to dust
As together we fly from star to star.

I’ll need your love till the end of time
For its existence feeds life itself.
Our happiness is my joy of joys
For without you, I loose myself.


Children identify with our fears
Where adults share our dreams.
Life is a mystical journey
With laughter, sadness and schemes.

A never-ending quest of struggle
Where everyone has their role.
Sometimes wrong, sometimes right,
Facing problems, which take their toll.

Even the beautiful someday shall fade
As year after year they grow old.
With aches, pains, wrinkles and grief
The answers of a lifetime unfold.

How long will we be remembered
For better or for worse?
For being tender and understanding
Or just another person's curse.

Truthful and honest with family or friends
Staying clear of any who lie or sneak.
Guarding against actions selfish, and cruel
Free to be generous and unique?

After death who will miss us
When to heaven we have gone?
Will family cry our name in tears
As in their hearts we live on?


I can't believe how we did
What we did last night
Kissing, squeezing
And holding on tight.

Far from our problems
We had a great time
Sharing in ways
That to us felt fine.

No tossing and turning from inward burning
Only moments of passion's desire
So what if the moments can't last forever
While they pass, they fuel our fire.


Where there is smoke there's fire
Of that you can be sure.
I can't believe I trusted you
And believed in who you were.

You told me it was me you loved
With no need for someone new.
All you wanted was my heart and soul
And my promise to be true.

For whatever reason you blew it
And from me you must stay away.
You called me by another's name
When it was our time to play.

It breaks my heart to catch you
Here's your cloths in a sack
You choose to cheat and lie to me
So get out and never come back.


Every marriage has its bumps in the road
And they can pop up at any time.
We must learn to navigate them safely
With fairness, faith and open mind.

No matter how far in your marriage you've gone
The highway of love has its rules.

The excitement of sex, trust and affection
Never tolerates self-serving fools.

They say marriages are made in heaven,
But so are tornadoes, lighting and thunder.
Cold hearts and hot heads never solve anything
They just destroy what we love by blunder.

Boredom, frustration, irritations and anger
Douse the spark between you and your mate.
More of the same fails to feed love's flame
Till you wake up to find it's too late

Human touch sustains the release of endorphins
For both the giver and receiver.
Never be afraid to hug your partner
For the language of touch is a reliever.

Always remember to support your spouse
When times of dilemma arise.
The fortress of love will sustain your marriage
If you speak less and listen more, you're wise.

By Conservative Poet
Tom Zart
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