22 Apr 1823 1
Phelps, Ontario, New York 1
17 Feb 1906 1
Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa 1

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Full Name:
Hannah Lewsi Glover Carlisle 1
22 Apr 1823 1
Phelps, Ontario, New York 1
Female 1
17 Feb 1906 1
Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa 1
Burial Place: Oak Ridge Cemetery, Buchanan, Michigan; Sec 2, lot 67 1
Mother: Tamesin Hall 1
Father: David Glover 1
Daniel Carlisle 1
1852 1
Cass, Michigan 1
Nurse - Civil War 1

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Public Service of Hannah L Carlisle

On the outbreak of the War of the Rebellion, Daniel Carlisle was unable to enter the military service of the country on account of disability from poor health and old age. His wife, Hannah L. Carlisle, who was intensely patriotic, felt it was her duty to take his place. Accordingly she volunteered as a nurse and left her home November 14, 1861, for St. Louis, where she was assigned to the Regimental Hospital. July 14,1862 she was assigned to Post Hospital No. 1 at Columbus, KY. Just before this she had charge of a Hospital boat for a few weeks and as the boat was old and leaky she worked in water to her knees for ten days or more. She remained at the Post Hospital at Columbus until the close of the war, except for two months when she was stationed at Paducah, KY. Her daughter, Arabella, was with her at Columbus for two years and was in the hospital with her mother when the Confederates bombarded the city, her mother having refused to leave the sick and wounded in her charge, when advised to leave on account of the danger of capture by the Confederates. After the close of the war she entered the Freedmans Department as Superintendent and Teacher and served in this capacity until July, 3, 1866.

She joined the M. E. Church at the age of sixteen and donated in membership until her death. She was a member of the Women's Christian Temperance Union and the Woman's Relief Corp., and took a very prominent part in Temperance, Religious and Grand Army of the Republic Work, and was well known in these circles in Buchanan, MI., Deadwood, SD., Council Bluffs and Sioux City, Iowa.

As she received a nurses pension in her later years, her record of service can readily be found in the Archives of the Pension Dept at Washington, DC.

The above was copied from a family history written by W.W. Osborn, husband of the above mentioned Arabella.

A record of her service is found:
History of Berrien and Van Buren counties, Michigan. With ... biographical sketches of its prominent men and pioneers.
Philadelphia, D. W. Ensign & Co., 1880.

Services of a Buchanan Lady in the War of the Rebellion
    Mrs. Hannah L. Carlisle was born in Phelps, N.Y., in 1823. The family moved to Orelans Co, N.Y., when she was four years old. In 1850 she came to Cassopolis, and in 1852 married Daniel Carlisle, and in 1854 removed to near Buchanan on a farm. Upon the breaking out of the war of the Rebellion she was strongly impelled to offer her services as nurse, and upon the organization of the 2d Michigan Cavalry she left her home and family and went with the regiment, Nov. 14, 1861, to St. Louis. After reaching the city she was assigned to the regimental hospital, where she remained until the regiment was transfered to Fort Donelson, in February 1862, when she returned home. On the night of July 14, 1862, she received a telegram from the Sanitary Commission in Chicago, asking her to report for duty the next day. She did so, and was met by a gentleman at the train, and reported at the Massasoit House. Orders were soon received to report at Post Hospital No. 1, Columbus, Ky., under the charge of Dr. Ransom , of Rosce, Ill., and Gen. Quimby, in charge of Fort Halleck. Mrs. Carlisle remained at this hospital until the close of the war, when she entered the Freedman's Department as superintendent and teacher, and remined in that connection one year, and returned to the duties of home July 3, 1866. Mrs. Carlisle is now living in Buchanan.

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