29 Apr 1998 1
Sacramento, Sacramento, California 2

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Samuel La Forte 2
Age in 1930: 22 2
Estimated Birth Year: 1908 2
29 Apr 1998 1
Sacramento, Sacramento, California 1
Place: SACRAMENTO County, California 2
From: 1930 2
Enumeration District: SACRAMENTO CITY 2

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Sam Lo Forte by Vincent P. Lo Forte

Carmichael, California

This has been a busy five monthes since I saw you at Steven's wedding.  I finally got back to writing up my information on Samuel Lo Forte the fifth child of Giuseppe and Marie Lo Forte.

Samuel wasn't mentally retarded by any means, but for some reason he was a slow learner and had difficulty in school.  He did get through the 6th grade but was about 15  years old when he did it.  Sister Anne (Derocco) says he had some bad falls as a child, whether that was a factor or not is questionable.

Mother (Lo Forte) found him exasperating.  I do recall occasions when she in exasperation said he was just like father Giuseppe.  I'm not quite sure to what ways she was referring.

Samuel was and is a likeable person and associated well with people as attested to by his many friends and coworkers.  He started work in the Southern Pacific Railroad Shops on leaving school.  The depression of the 1930s ended that.  After some various kinds of work, he spent the next 35  years in the US Postal Service as a laborer.  From there he retired at age 55.  He worked hard and was self-suppporting.

Sam was intensely proud of his military service although he only served 7 or 8 months and was medically discharged.  The question in our minds was why the drafted him in the first place, since he was a slow learner and not to physically fit.  He was definitely a stoic, endured pain well and silently.

He is now 87 years old, uses a walker to get around, moves with great difficulty and very awkwardly.  His doctor said he has Parkinson's disease which may account for the tremors in hands and head.

Samuel never married and has no children.  Two (??) crushes in his youthful years never grew into any romance; we never knew just how much he may have sensed in hurt or disappointment since Sam was not very verbal in expressing his thoughts, feelings or emotions.

I have enclosed a few items and news events that have taken place recently.  You may find them of interest.  They need not be returned.

Love, Uncle Vincent

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