Sylvester Fulmer

Sylvester Fulmer

World War II · US Army · Private First Class

The Destruction Caused by the War

    Dad often mentioned the sheer destruction that he witnessed caused by the war in Europe. It must have been a sight to see for this man from Cincinnati, Ohio who had never traveled before he joined the military further than Chattanooga, Tennessee.

    Custom House at LaHavre Belgium
    Overturned tank

    Dad Worked on a Hospital Train

    • Belgium

    Dad worked on a hospital train in Belgium and the Rhineland during the Allied invasion of Europe in 1944 and 1945. He spoke fondly of many of his fellow soldiers and nurses that worked on the trains. More can be learned about the use of hospital trains in Europe during World War II here.

    Taking a break from caring for patients

    Dad Had Nightmares of the War

    • Rhineland – Ardennes-Alsace

    When I was young my father never talked much about the War. But I knew he thought of it a lot and the nightmares were with him at night. Sometimes I would hear him mumbling and then his voice would grow louder and he began kicking and I could hear his feet hitting the wall. He talked about how scary it was to be on the hospital train and to hear the buzz bombs coming down. Dad was deployed to Europe in 1944 and was assigned to a hospital train Number 47, which I believe served in the Rhineland – Ardennes-Alsace areas.

    Loading patients onto Old 47 Hospital train.