1930 U.S. Census

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Locate information about your family, and perhaps even yourself, if you were born before April 1, 1930.

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Regarding 1930 Census State of Virginia, Appomattox, Clover Hill District, taken 4-25-1930 by Wm. A, Swan, Jr.? Sheet #9B, line #76 lists the Household name as Heraldridge, Robert E. - this is incorrect. It should read WOOLDRIDGE, ROBERT E.., WIFE, SIDNA V.; VIRGINIA E., DAU., LESLIE , SON, MARY L., DAU., LETHEREINE, DAU., WILLIE F., DAU., THOMAS B., SON, CATHERINE, DAU.. This is correct information as I am the daughter of Willie F. Thank you. Carolyn

26 Aug 2009