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Calvin Pratt 1
Age in 1860: 60 1
Canada 1
Male 1
Estimated Birth Year: 1800 1
Place: Wilson, Niagara County, New York 1
From: 1860 1

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  1. Census - US Federal 1860 [See image]


This record shows CANADA as the birth location for Calvin PRATT. In other US Federal census records for this same Calvin PRATT residing in Wilson, Niagara Co, NY, the birthplace is shown as Vermont. Source Note: 1) From "Georgia, Vermont Vital Records" compiled by Peter S Mallett. Published by the Genealogical Society of Vermont. Special Publication Number 4. 1995. Page 226: << PRATT, Calvin, b. June 15, 1800; V2 >> 2) Georgia, VT is at the very north of modern day VT and thus the Canada reference makes some bit of sense given the timeframe and boundary issues. 3) I believe his parents to be: Nathan PRATT (son of Timothy PRATT) and Anna LAY, but this birth record doesn't list the parent's names. So right now, it's one piece of evidence. Other siblings were also born there. (Nathan was in the Rev War) 4) The entire family seems to disappear in the early 1800s - perhaps to Canada? - maybe having to do with the War of 1812 ultiimately? - but can only say for certain that Nathan and Anna - and some of the children (including this Calvin) turn up in western NY - in Niagara Co, NY. 5) My first concrete reference is father Nathan PRATT buying land there ca 1814. By 1820, can pick him up in the US Fed Census. 6) Can follow this Calvin PRATT along in the US Fed Census as an adult - all in Niagara Co, NY - living in the town of Wilson. Here, by 1860, we see him with his spouse Samantha HAWKS. 7) Note that on this same census sheet, his son Asa PRATT and his family is living directly next door to him. 8) Note also that Calvin's father Nathan is not dead at this point even though a Rev War veteran. He and his wife had migrated once again - to where one of the other sons had gone - further west yet - to Sandstone, Jackson Co, Michigan. He can be found in the 1860 census there - then the 1864 state census - then I lose him again. Dont know when or where he or his wife Anna died. 9) This Calvin PRATT and wife Samantha are buried in Wilson, Niagara Co, NY. I have a photo of their tombstone. 10) Timothy PRATT (MA then VT) > Nathan PRATT (VT, NY, MI) > Calvin PRATT (VT, NY) > Asa PRATT (NY) > Calvin PRATT (NY) ..... Notes from Deb Smith, in June 2008

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