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Benjamin Huston 1
Age in 1860: 73 1
Virginia 1
Male 1
Estimated Birth Year: 1787 1
Place: Arrow Rock Township, Saline County, Missouri 1
From: 1860 1

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  1. Census - US Federal 1860 [See image]


Benjamin Huston was the son of William Huston and Mary Burk who were married in Philadelphia on November 4, 1775. The 2 youngest children, Benjamin (October 14, 1786) and Joseph (1784), were born there. Mary Huston (widow) and the family moved to Augusta County, VA by about 1800. Mary's father, John Burk, and brother, Joseph, lived in the area of Greenville. On March 21, 1805, Joseph Huston married Sarah Brownlee, sister of Andrew and James Brownlee. In early 1808, Benjamin Huston married Mary Templeton in Rockbridge County. In late summer 1819, the Huston brothers sold their property near Greenville and with their uncle, Joseph Burk, and his son, William Burk, made the long wagon journey to the Missouri Valley frontier. They settled in the Arrow Rock community in Cooper and Saline Counties. Newspaper accounts describe the influx of settlers over the Boon's Lick Trail from St. Louis to Franklin. The "Missouri Intelligencer" stated on November 19, 1819: "The immigation...almost exceeds belief...Immense numbers of wagons, carts, etc...have been daily arriving. During the month of less than 271 wagons and 4-wheeled carriages and carts passed near St. Charles, bound principally for Boon's Lick... with wealthy and respectable section of our country presents a fairer prospect to the emigrant." The "Missouri Gazette" reported from St. Charles on June 9, 1819 that the immigrants were: "flowing through our town with their maid servants and men servants...[with] throngs of hogs and cattle, [and] white-haired children and curly-headed Africans." The Missouri River counties of central and western Missouri came to be known as "Little Dixie". Slavery was a pervasive and entrenched institution. Plantation owners, small farmers, commodity processors (hemp, cotton, flour, tobacco, whiskey), and mechants owned and rented slaves. In 1860, the Arrow Rock area was the political and economic center of the ante-bellum Saline County plantation culture.

Children of Benjamin Huston & Mary Templeton: Sarah (Sallie) married William C. McMahan in Cooper County on January 5, 1826. William was a son of Samuel McMahan. Their children were: Benjamin, Sarah M., Templeton C., Mary Jane, William Price, Jesse T., John Huston, Adeline. William ( ca 1866) and Sarah (November 16, 1873) are buried in the James McMahan family cemetery in Cooper County. .......... Mary Adeline married John Piper on April 16, 1829. The family lived in or near Arrow Rock. There were 7 children: William W., Mary E., Benjamin H., Frances E., Hampden S., John M., Sarah A. Mary Huston died iln 1850; John in 1865. They are buried in the Arrow Rock Cemetery. .......... Martha Jane married William Lyons Spotts on April 12, 1836 in Arrow Rock. Their children were: John William, Jamison K., Nicholas Hope, Benjamin H., Rudolph H., Edwina, Edmonia Jane, Adrian W. Martha Jane died on September 17, 1895 and is buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery, Carrollton, Carroll County, MO. .......... Maranda K. married Willliam P Roper on February 12, 1832. The family first lived in Arrow Rock and can be found in the 1850 and 1860 Chariton and Howard County census records. .......... Eliza married John W. Stean on August 11, 1836. Their children were: Benjamin H., Maranda, Charles M., Mary A., William A., Sarah I., Gertrude. John Stean died in 1856. Eliza operated a millinery shop in Arrow Rock. John and Eliza are buried in the Arrow Rock Cemetery. .......... Edmonia married James Newton Jamison on February 16, 1851. Their children were: Newton A., Sarah Belle, Mary Ellen, Edmonia M., Benjamin H. James (1907) and Edmonia (1912) are buried in the Arrow Rock Cemetery. .......... Nicholas Hope married Columbia M. Howard on May 29, 1849. There were 8 children: Izula Belle (Pinky), Theodore, Erasmus, Benjamin, Mary, Adda, Kate, William. ......... Willliam Henry married Sarah Ann Wood on Feburary 24, 1853. They had 3 sons who died young and a daughter, Ida. The family is buried in the Arrow Rock Cemetery. ........... Benjamin Huston died in 1867; Mary Templeton in 1862. They are buried in the Arrow Rock Cemetery.

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