Dr. King will be remembered down through history as a man whose mission in life was the enrichment of others. “A Soldier For The Lord” with goodness of heart risking everything for man’s freedom and equality. From his legacy of self-sacrifice we must refuse to part.


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Dr. King, one of the most influential black leaders

Was born to a minister and a teacher of school.

Educated to where he earned his P.H.D.

Becoming a pastor marching against what was unfair and cruel.


Leading a boycott to protest bus segregation

As he preached and marched for freedom for all

He was jailed, threatened, spat on and beaten

As for peaceful demonstration he would call.


Marching to Washington, In 1963

Voicing concern for the plight of the poor.

Soon there after, he was killed by a sniper

In Memphis, supporting workers rights and more.


Dr. King will be remembered down through history

With words for all to prayerfully remember.

To be judged, not by color, but by character

Shunning violence never to surrender.


By Soldier For The Lord
Tom Zart
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                               HAITI EARTHQUAKE MEMORIAL POEM = 2010

Sorrow is better than laughter

For by grieving, we're improved.

Blessed be all who morn

Till from sadness they're removed.


After death our souls shall fly

Perhaps from star to star

Reaching our destination

To find Heaven’s gate ajar.


God made us able to cry

Sorrow teaches us to fear

                                             Those days were selfish and cruel

When life is so short and dear.


Time wipes tears from all faces

Whose hearts are tuned to sorrow.

Those that cry a thousand tears

Shall be blessed by tomorrow.



By Soldier For The Lord
Tom Zart
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