1950 1

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Personal Details

Mother: Agnes Scherzinger Byers 1
Father: Norman Byers 1
Employer: Greater Clark County Schools 1
Position: Social Studies Teacher 1
Place: Jeffersonville, Indiana 1

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Military Service

Fort Polk Louisiana

When I was in basic training. I was in the grenade range, and the guy in front of me pulled the pin on his grenade. Then he dropped it. We all dove for cover. The drill sargent then shoved the guy into the ground. Then he picked up the granade and tossed it before it exploded, saving a lot of lives.

Military Service Spots

Louisville, Kentucky

Mr. Byers served with the 100th Division U.S. army Reserves stationed out of Lousville, Ky. During these years the division also spent time at Fort knox and Fort Harrison.

Mr. Byers was/is the best teacher anyone could ever ask for! I had the pleasure of having him as a teacher some 30 years ago. I often wanted to just say "Thank You" and hope he reads this..Many memories...

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