Emancipation of Slaves in the District of Columbia, 1862-63.

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These are records of the Board of Commissioners including minutes of meetings, docket books, and petitions filed under the acts of April 16 and April 12, 1862, pertaining to the emancipation of slaves in the District of Columbia. NARA publication M520.

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Washington, DC

The descriptive pamphlet for this title, published by NARA in 1964, includes only the following information about each roll in the publication.

Roll 1
Minutes of Meetings, Apr. 28, 1862-Jan. 14, 1863
Record of Petitions Filed, Apr. 29-July 15, 1862
Docket Book, Apr.-Dec. 1862
Summary List of Awards
Final Report of the Board of Commissioners, Jan. 14, 1863

Roll 2
Petitions Filed under the Act of Apr. 16, 1862
Nos. 1-200

Roll 3
Nos. 201-400

Roll 4
Nos. 401-600

Roll 5
Nos. 601-800

Roll 6
Nos. 801-966
Petitions Filed Under the Act of July 12, 1862


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