Captain of company of Artificers at West Point in 1777


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Joseph Cheesman

Hempstead NY

Joseph Cheesman was born in 1744 at Hempstead (Long Island) NY.  He was a Captain of Artificers at West Point in 1777, and died in 1800.  He married Elizabeth Crawford.

Joseph B. Cheesman

New York NY

Joseph B. Cheesman (son of Joseph Cheesman and Elizabeth Crawford) was born in 1788 at New York NY.  He married first Sarah Rowling (from Lima, Ontario County, New York).  After Sarah died he marrried second her younger sister, Grace Rowling.  He died in 1890 at East Orange NJ.

Walter Scott Cheesman

Hempstead NY

Walter Scott Cheesman (son of Joseph B. Cheesman and Grace Rowling) was born in 1838 at Hempstead, New York, went west in the early gold rush days, made a fortune, and died in 1907 at Denver, Colorado.

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