Simon Akers of the Virginia Akers and Some of His Descendants

Simon Akers of the Virginia Akers and Some of His Descendants


Benjamin and Bedy Akers

  • Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri Iowa
  1. BENJAMIN5 AKERS (THOMAS_, SIMON__)_ was born Bet. 1764 - 1768 in Roanoke, Virginia, and died 1825 in Greencastle, Indiana. He married CATHERINE MALONE 1789 in Walnut HIll Pres. Church, Lexington, KY. She died in probably Indiana. Benjamin's descent from Thomas has been confirmed by my DNA. I have many matches to other children of Thomas and simon.

The DAR lists as a patriot in application #652378Thomas Acker, bc 1736, d 1815 as the father of Benjamin, Simon, John, Thomas II, Stephen, and Uriah. The DAR changed the spelling given by the applicant.  Benjamin also appears as son in another application. Thomas Sr. was on the Fayette, KY tax list in 1787. Benjamin was married there in 1789, and appears on county's tax list in 1790. Simon and Thomas appear in Shelby County in 1796, the next year Benjamin joins. He is on the Shelby County tax list in 1813 and own 84 acres. He is last shown in the Shelby County on the 1820 census.

From Benjamin’s great grandson, Benjamin Eurastus Akers' letter (written when he was 71 years old)  "Thomas Akers (II) a boy of twelve, and his brother Benjamin Akers lived in Virginia, and were born just before the Revolutionary War. Just after the War closed (that would be 1783,) they were kidnapped by three Indians, who made off for the Kentucky wilderness with them. The boys understood woodcraft, and under took to mark a trail so their neighbors could follow, but the Indians caught them at it, and told them they would be killed if they did not quit it, so they had to desist. After a few days out the Indians quit watching them at night, so they fixed a plan that they might escape, or die in the attempt. The plan was for the older to take a gun and a tomahawk and try to kill two of the Indians, while the younger was to kill one with a tomahawk. After every one was quiet and asleep, as the Indians thought, the boys undertook their task, and succeeded in their effort.

The boys then each took a rifle and ammunition and started to find the way home. This would be a big undertaking even for a man, let alone boys so young. After awhile, in order to get away, they had to separate and take it alone. The older took a route to the north, and finally made his way to Penn. The younger one ran across some emigrants that were going to Kentucky, and he joined up with them, and made his way to Crab Orchard.

Benjamin is on the Shelby County census rolls 1800-1820. The family then moved on to IN. A history of Putnam Co IN states Benjamin Akers was the first resident of the County buried in the old cemetery in Greencastle, IN.

CATHERINE MALONE: Her grandson, Benjamin Eratusus Akers, described her as "an Irish lady of the deepest dye". Did she come from Ireland or is she connected to Malones that probably moved from Virginia to Kentucky? Her name is spelled Caty Mcloon on their marriage record. Other Malones married Akers during this same time in Kentucky--it appears that Benjamin Malone may have been her father or brother.

The 1800 Shelby Co. KY Census lists a Drury Malone, Benjamin Malone, and William Malone. The name is sometimes spelled MELONE. There is an older woman, Mary Melone in the 1810 Shelby co. census, who lived only a short distance from Simon Akers. Shelby County census also include Drury Malone; Ben. Malone and a Benjamin Malone

** _BEDY AKERS _**was born 1799 in Shelby County, KY, and died 1847 in Mercer County, MO. He married LYDIA COLLINGS 1819 in Shelby, KY, daughter of SPENCER COLLINGS and CATHERINE LUCAS. She was born 1802 in Shelby County, KY, and died 1884 in Decatur, Iowa.

** From a letter of S.C. Akers to his son M.W. Akers**: Bedy Akers my father was borned June 28 1799 in the old Virginia and then moved from Virginia with his parance and Settled in Shelby Co. Kentucky....Father maried Lydia Collings April 15th 1819 in Shelby Co Kentuckey they lived there untill they had 3 childern borned to the year 1825 he moved to Putnam Co. Ind and Entered 160 acres of land in Floid T.P of Said Co. 12 miles N.E. of Greencastle the Co. Seat. he worked for 50 cts per day for the money to Enter his land with and was paid off in what then was cald the old contenental scriptwhen at the land office he had to giv 2 dollar per acre in order to get any land he live toiled and dug a way among big timber Stumps. Privations disapointements and Hard times raising on triing to rais his large family untill the Summer of 1839 in hard times he Sold out his farm for 10 per acre. and in the fall of 39 him ? 8 other families left for what was termed then the fare west while all there nabers for miles a round come to See them of to there future homes. A way out to Someshere neare whare the Sun Set a way out to Iowa and MO where it was considered vary fare away even a man onst got out of sight that he was gone for onst and all ways. Father Moved in to Chariten Co MO and settled pm am p;d far, wjocj Proved nea his ruin financially. as ge get in a very Sickly part of the County he lived there untill his death which took place Sept 17 1846. My father and mother 13 children born to them of which they raised 10. 6 Boys and 4 girls.

_ LYDIA COLLINGS:_  From of Spencer C. Akers" Aug. 2, 1891: _As Shown My Father and Mother was maried in Shelby Co Ky April 15 1819. Father lived untill Dec 17/46. Mother lived Single untill June 8/51. She then maried John Tash and lived Tash untill Feb 5 1877 at which time she dide. Father Tash lived about 2 years and he dide. My Mother's Father Spence Collings was a Babtest Preacher be came from Shelby Co. Ky to Putnam Co Ind in the years 1825 or 26 and Settled near my father. he reared a large family he maried em all settled near him his family consisted of & Girls and 3 Boys....the Collins family took a very proment part in the Indian warers of Ky. And lived took a very proment part in all the principle undertakings of note to promote the country in which they lived. _

She is buried in Leon, IOWA.

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