The AAF in Southern England Late 1944

The AAF in Southern England Late 1944


    These eleven images are part of more than 300 negatives found at a flea market and rescued. They are from late 1943 and early 1944

      What a find! Is there other information on the back of the images. Were these original 11 images scans of negatives, too? Will you add more?

        Thanks. I collect old photographs and these are certainly the feature of the lot. The photographs of the old aircraft alone were worth the price. The entire set of 327 negatives is already posted on Flickr[email protected]/sets/72157608125792619/ as well as another 206 non-military shots from England and Texas from the same photographer. I posted these eleven shots here because names were included to the photo descriptions and perhaps someone will connect with them.

          Excellent. I added a link to your Flickr set.