Conflict Period:
World War II 1
Army 1
Private First Class 2
Dade Georgia 2

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Carroll Huff Ellis 3
Carroll H Ellis 1
Level of Education: Grammar school 1
Marital Status: Single, without dependents 1
Dade Georgia 3
Male 3
1926 1
Georgia 1
Physical Description:
Height: 6-8 4
Height: 5'8 3
Weight/Build: 250-15EEE Boot 4
Weight/Build: 250 3
Eye Color: Blue 3
Hair Color: Black/Gray 3
Place: Sebring Florida, Highlands County 3
From: 1980 3
To: 1984 3
Place: West Palm Beach Florida 3
From: 1960 3
To: 1980 3
Place: Newberry South Carolina 3
From: 1990 3
To: 2010 3
Place: Broward County, Florida 1
Mother: Ethel Oliver Ellis 4
Mother: Estel Loftin Oliver 3
Father: Alvis Gallaway Ellis 5
Father: Alvois G. Ellis 3
Geraldine Bass Ellis 3
05 May 1967 3
West Palm Beach Florida 2
Palm Beach Florida 3
Spouse Death Date: 21 Apr 2005 2
Spouse Death Date: 31 Dec 1969 5
Spouse Death Date: 21 May 2010 4
Mattie Bernice Hall 3
13 Mar 1960 3
Palm Beach Florida 3
Divorce Date: May 1966 4
Divorce Date: 1968 3
Spouse Death Date: 21 Oct 1974 3

World War II 1

Army 1
Private First Class 2
Service Start Date:
23 Dec 1945 2
Service End Date:
1948 2
Enlistment Date:
23 Dec 1945 1
Army Branch:
None 1
Army Component:
Regular Army (including Officers, Nurses, Warrant Officers, and Enlisted Men) 1
Army Serial Number:
44023744 1
Enlistment Term:
Enlistment for Hawaiian Department 1
Source of Army Personnel:
Enlisted Man, Philippine Scout or recall to AD of an enlisted man who had been transferred to the ERC 1
Crain Operator 3
Race or Ethnicity:
White 3
Skilled occupations in manufacture of electrical machinery and accessories, n.e.c. 1
Race or Ethnicity:
White 1
Grand Daughter: Stephanie M. Padgett 3
Grand Daughter: Ashleigh N. Padgett 3
Grand Daughter: Chelsea F. Acs 3
Grandson: Steven Carroll Ellis 3
Grandson: Dustin Carroll Ellis 3
Granson: Johnny Carroll Ellis 3
Great Grand Daughter: Kayleigh L. Ellis 3
Great Grand Daughter: Samaya F. Ellis 3
Great Grand Daughter: Shaniya Anne Swaby 3
Teresa A. Ellis 3
Melodi F. Ellis 3
Carroll H. Ellis Jr 3
Source Information:
Box Number: 1540 1
Card Number: 9 1
Film Reel Number: 3.364 1

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Carroll was born on November 13 1926, in Dade County Georgia, his parents are Ethel Oliver, and Alvis G. Ellis. Carroll's mother Ethel passed away Feb 18 1934 in Georgia, at the age of 8 yrs old. His father moved him to Dade, County Florida where his father remarried in 1937. Accounding to the 1940 Census he lived in apt no# 22 NE 167 Street in Miami Florida. He enlisted into the Military Service for The Army and sailed off to the Philippianes on Dec 23 1945, and returned from the service sometime late 1948. He then married on March 13 1960, had two children Teresa, and Carroll Jr. and then divorced in May 1966. He remarried May 5 1967 to Geraldine Bass Ellis, and had another daughter name Melodi. He residence in 1969 Royal Palm Beach Florida, then moved to 4169 12th street in WPB. His occupation was driving a large craine, and building condos on the beach. And by 1970-1974 Built a 4-bedroom house, 21/2 bath double car garage, swimming pool, on a corner acre lot, it took him about 9 months to build himself. He then moved to the center part of Florida in Highlands County Sebring, Florida, and had 5 acres of planting and picking grapes, of course making home made wine. He decided to try and build a crawl-dads fish farm. No matter what he puts his mind to, he does may a go it. Early 60's he also either was a member of the KKK, or was going to the meeting to become a KKK memeber, not quite sure on this part yet. He then moved back to West Palm Beach Florida, and about 2005-He moved to Newberry South Carolina, and lost his wife on April 21 2005, now that he retired, he's of course lost. And now, he has two daughters, 3 grandsons, 3 grand daughter, and 5 great grandchildren. He is surly blessed. It's 2015, and he's now he's 88, and still walking and getting around. 

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