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Ernst Schibath

  • Salt Lake City

Ernst Schibath was born in the area of Königsberg / Germany.

He went to the USA before WW2 and lived first with his woman in New York.

Later they moved to Salt Lake City.

He was the brother of Emil Schibath. (Died in 1943)

My Mother Herta Schibath was a daughter of Emil, so Ernst was my uncle.

I don´t know Ernst Schibath but saw his house from the streetside in Salt Lake City in 1988.

I know that his son was a Hollywood film actor in the 50th. His actor name is/was Ken Scott.

If anyone read this information and had further information please contact me.

Best wishes

Rüdiger Kaufmann (Son of Herta Kaufmann born Schibath)


Rüdiger Kaufmann

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