Conflict Period:
World War II 1
Army Air Forces 1
First Lieutenant 1
1919 2
Illinois 2

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Personal Details

Donald P McCormick 2
Level of Education: 4 years of high school 2
Marital Status: Single, without dependents 2
1919 2
Illinois 2
Place: Cook County, Illinois 2

World War II 1

Army Air Forces 1
First Lieutenant 1

World War II 2

Army 2
Enlistment Date:
05 Dec 1941 2
Army Branch:
Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA 2
Army Component:
Selectees (Enlisted Men) 2
Army Serial Number:
39170836 2
Enlistment Place:
Los Angeles California 2
Source of Army Personnel:
Civil Life 2
Salespersons 2
Race or Ethnicity:
White 2
Source Information:
Box Number: 1401 2
Film Reel Number: 6.167 2

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Donald P McCormick (Bomb) 321st Bomb Group


Don McCormick Article/ Men of the 57th /Fall,2003 Issue /Monroe was KIA

Lt Donald P McCormick lived at 9119 Sherrian Ave. Brookfield, Ill.  Don was a Commissioned Bombardier in the 321st Bob Group, 447th Bomb Squadron in the Mediterranean Theaatre.  He was assigned on 22 Oct. 1943.  Don flew 54 Combat Missions.  B-25 Mitchell Medium Bombers.

McCormick, Donald Patrick, 1Lt, bombardier (0-674784)

 Missions - 22 Oct. '43 through 17 May,'44 ( 0674784 )

22 Oct 43 - 447th BS War Diary

            MORNING REPORT:  for the week ending on the 22nd of Oct., 1943:  Assigned Strength:  E.M.---275, Officers---86.  James H. Jeffery was assigned as a radio-gunner to this squadron on the 16th.  6 Off. And 6 E.M., combat crew men, were assigned to the squadron on the 22nd: 

2nd Lt. Harwood Beebe, Pilot                                                   2nd Lt. Donald P. McCormick, Bombardier

6 E.M. were transferred to headquarters:  Bolton, Cook, D.C., Sobol, Budowsky, Woodward, Noble.  Lt. Dunn was sent to the hospital on the 19th.  Sgt. Dobbs came back from the hospital on the 21st.  5 E.M. are on D.S. to Group on the 21st.  Lt. C.D. Lungren was transferred to the M.A.T.S. on the 22nd.

23 Oct 43 - 447th BS War Diary:  No mission today.  Twelve replacements were assigned to the squadron, six officers and six enlisted men, all combat crew members.  The replacements (listed below) are the first to come into the squadron since June.  The men did not bring planes with them.  The replacements are as follows:  Lt. Davies, Lt. Beebe, Lt. Haeberle, Lt. McCormick, Lt. Jordan, Lt. Nowakowski, S/Sgt. Milam, S/Sgt. Kaufold, S/Sgt. Godwin, S/Sgt. Boza, Sgt. Kazar, Sgt. Schrader.

First Mission 24 Oct 43:

  A/C No.   41-13181 “The Sophisticated Lady” P Olson, Robert C. “Ollie”, 2Lt CP

Davies, Robert G., 2Lt

N None B McCormick, Donald Patrick, 2Lt


Roever, George W., Jr., S/Sgt


Kastelic, Frank M., S/Sgt G Smith, Argyle H., Sgt F None



Promoted to 2Lt, effective 10 Dec 43:

21 Dec 43 - 447th BS War Diary:  At 1345 today a small formation from each squadron marched to Group where Col. Knapp made presentations of the Purple Heart.  The men from this squadron to receive the award were:  Lts. Broyles, Becker, and Paiton; S/Sgts. Harter, Kordzi, and Sheets.  In a letter of Dec. 21 the following men were promoted from 2nd Lt. to 1st Lt. as of Dec 10th:  A.M. Holloway, A.B. Jahraus, W.M. Johnston, F.F. Becker, R.F. Halloran, G.J. Deane, J.H. Haeberle, H.J. Fallone, R.G. Davies, H.K. Paiton, J.F. Briskey, Jr., P.A. Broyles, E.P. Mayben, Jr., H.W. Joiner, R.C. Olson, J.J. Nowakowski, B.B. Miller, Jr., R.H. Spingler, E.L. Saiers, F.W. Vincent, K.C. McFadden, K.C. DeMay, J.P. Lanza, D.P. McCormick, H.W. Stephenson, G.J. Trevor, F.E Ryherd, S.I. Sattenspiel, J.G. Boyle, Jr., and D.W. Thomas. 

Returned from DS:                              

5 Mar 44 - 447th BS War Diary:  No mission due to weather again.  Training was the order of the day.  There were flights for transition, PDI runs and gunnery practice.  A class was held for four new engineer gunners under the direction of M/Sgt. Blount.  Lt McCormick and Lt. Nowakowski returned from DS at Capri to duty.  Today we each received 3 bottles of Coca Cola, the first we have had since coming over seas.

Received the Air Medal:

13 Mar 44 - 447th BS War Diary:  No mission scheduled for today.  Six of our planes and crews flew a mock mission to Crotone A/D.  The flight was led by Lt. Wiginton.  The following officers and enlisted men have been assigned to this squadron per orders from 57th Wing:  2nd Lt. Ward E. Manley, pilot, 2nd Lt. Allen E. Wingrove, bombardier, Cpl. Francis R. Ellis, engineer, S/Sgt Jack L. Phelps, radioman, and Sgt William H. Burke, Jr., gunner.  Pfc James W. Austin, Jr. was discharged from the hospital and has returned to the squadron.  The following officers and enlisted men received the Air Medal:  Lts. F.E. Ryhead, G. J. Deane, D. P. McCormick, H. Beebe, E. D. Langston, R.G. Davies, J. J. Nowakowski, M/Sgt. R.J. Boyd, T/Sgt. A. Kaufold, and S/Sgt. H.E. Harmer.  The formation took place at 1530 and the medals were presented by Major R.D. Sampson.

Last mission 2 Apr 44:

  A/C No.  41-30557 P Stocking, Eugene E., 1Lt CP Metzger, Joseph Earl, 2Lt N None B McCormick, Donald Patrick, 1Lt E Tollefson, Walter F. K., Cpl R Bilski, Walter J., S/Sgt G Mitchell, Rennie (NMI), S/Sgt F Statham, Alvin F., Cpl


Headed home:

17 May 44 - 447th BS War Diary:   The following officers and enlisted men have been assigned to this squadron per S.O. #79, 57th Wing:  2nd Lts. Grover C. Brown (P), Robert W. Mulholland (B), Harold Spilko (B), Sgt. Robert R. Plutchak (EG), S/Sgt. Leo J. Martin (RG), and Sgt. Jack Bowman (AG).  Sgt. Robert W Bean has been reduced to grade of  Pvt.  The following officers and enlisted men have been relieved of assignment for transshipment to the U.S.:  Capt. Harry A. Fraser, Jr., Capt. Henry W. Stephenson, 1st Lt. James C. Davidson, 1st Lt. Donald P. McCormick, 1st Lt. Everett D. Langston, S/Sgt. Matthew S. Tudor and S/Sgt. Wesley B. Mayhew, Jr.

Like most bombardiers, he flew with on numerous ships with several crews.

I can account for 54 missions, including spares, early returns, etc. (Historian John T Fitzgerald)

Oct 43                2       

Nov                     9       

Dec                  12

Jan 44               17

Feb                     3

Mar                   10

Apr                     1

            Total     54

Barbara Ennis Connolly, 321st Bomb Group Historian in the 57th Bomb Wing.

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