Conflict Period:
World War II 1
Army 1
1909 1
Massachusetts 1

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Also known as:
Also known as:
Ragnar G Lind 1
Level of Education: 4 years of college 1
Marital Status: Single, without dependents 1
1909 1
Massachusetts 1
Place: LosAngeles County, California 1

World War II 1

Army 1
Enlistment Date:
28 Feb 1942 1
Army Branch:
Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA 1
Army Component:
Selectees (Enlisted Men) 1
Army Serial Number:
39021208 1
Enlistment Place:
Ft MacArthur San Pedro California 1
Enlistment Term:
Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law 1
Source of Army Personnel:
Civil Life 1
Actors and actresses 1
Race or Ethnicity:
White 1
Source Information:
Box Number: 1382 1
Film Reel Number: 6.148 1

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Capt R G Lind (Jeffrey Lynn) 321st Bomb Group /WWII /MTO

Corsica, France

Mr. Lynn, whose original name was Ragnar Godfrey Lind, was born in Auburn, Mass. He became interested in theater while a student at Bates College in Maine, but worked at a variety of jobs before landing a role in a touring production of "Brother Rat." A screen test followed and he signed with Warner Brothers in 1937.

WAR SERVICE; 321st Bomb Group, 447th BS; Then 321st Bomb Group H.Q.

Lind, Ragnar G. “Jeffrey Lynn”, Capt, intelligence (0-1644534) - Initially, he was assigned to the 447th BS, but was transferred to HQ 321st BG on 3 May 44.

 20 Mar 44 - HQ 321st BG War Diary:   An old name in the entertainment world but a new one in the Group—Jeffrey Lynn the movie actor reported in and was assigned to the 447th Bomb. Sq. as the Assistant Intelligence Officer.

Lind, Ragnar G. “Jeffrey Lynn”, 2Lt, intelligence


 HQ 321st BG War Diary:  Additional Narrative for June 1944


23 May 44 - 447th BS War Diary:   A mission was scheduled for today, but cancelled due to weather conditions.  The following officers and enlisted men have been assigned to this squadron per SO #84, 57th Wing:  2nd Lts. Earl H. Remmel (P), Gordon A. Ramey (CP), Leeland A. Mesna (B), Sgt Isidore Ifshin (EG), S/Sgt. Joseph W. MacNeil (RG), and Sgt. Frederick J. May (AG).  2nd Lt. Marion E. Walker has been assigned to this squadron per S) 83, 57 Wing.  1st Lt. Fred E. Ryherd has been relieved of assignment and transferred for transshipment to the U.S.  2nd Lt Wendell C. Horne has been relieved of assignment and transferred to 321st Bomb Group Headquarters.  2nd Lt. Ragnar G. Lind, assistant S-2 officer, has been relieved of assignment and transferred to 321st Bomb Group Headquarters.  Lt Lind will replace 1st Lt. Salvatore P. Casarella, Jr., who in turn has been assigned to this squadron as assistant S-2 officer.  S/Sgt. Leland H. Smith (RG) has been relieved of assignment for transshipment to the U.S.  Sgt. Theodore A. Fiocca (RG) has been assigned to this squadron per SO #84, 57th Wing.  Today’s training consisted of local test flight.

Casarella, Salvatore P., Jr., 1Lt, intelligence             Fiocca, Theodore A., Sgt, radio-gunner

Horne, Wendell C., 2Lt, engineering                          Ifshin, Isidore (NMI), Sgt, engineer-gunner

Lind, Ragnar G. “Jeffrey Lynn”, 2Lt, intelligence     MacNeil, Joseph W., S/Sgt, radio-gunner

May, Frederick J., Sgt, aerial gunner                         Mesna, Leeland A., 2Lt, bombardier

Ramey, Gordon, A., 2Lt, pilot                                     Remmel, Earl H., 2Lt, pilot

Ryherd, Fred E., 1Lt, pilot                                          Smith, Leland H., S/Sgt, radio-gunner

Walker, Marion E., 2Lt, pilot

17 May 45 - HQ 321st BG War Diary:  So far, the only group officer to show up this morning, is Maj. Goodell, who came in because of the training-film program.  That indicates the officers’ grand-opening was a success, so medics should have another peak day.  Capt. Lind broke the stalemate by loping in at 0858 and now the others can enter safely.  There is considerable activity at S-1 and they’ve borrowed all the help they could wangle from other sections.  We had a live talent USO Show out at the base tonight.  It was billed as “Show #495 Variety Review”, and consisted of an emcee guitarist, a violinist with a good line, a magician and a shapely blonde who sang and just looked feminine.  She had a good delivery and wowed the audience by taking down a would-be heckler, who happened to be a second lieutenant.

Goodell, John C., Maj, bombardier, operations, HQ 321st BG

Lind, Ragnar G. “Jeffrey Lynn”, Capt, intelligence, HQ 321st BG


28 May 45 - HQ 321st BG War Diary:  Pleasant weather again today, and a lecture on ‘readjustment’ by Captain Lind, who enlivened the discussion and gained the audience’s attention, with a sudden entrance and medicine-man spiel of the cure-all for ‘rotation blues’.  Readjustments seem as limited for discussion, as redeployment, due to the lack of information on hand.  The EM had their weekly dance tonight and the band was in fine fettle.  Capt. Henry, wowed the audience with his capers and threw in an encore with a version of “Writing Love-Letters in the Sand”.  The dance itself, was a social success, with a slight tapering-off of relatives and food-baskets.

Henry, Forrest R. "Steamboat", Capt, intelligence, HQ 321st BG

Lind, Ragnar G. “Jeffrey Lynn”, Capt, intelligence, HQ 321st BG

Jeffrey Lynn /Gone with the Wind

Hollywood, CA

Home Town Story  ~    is a fine little film that gets noticed due to a supporting role played by Marilyn Monroe. It's not Gone With The Wind or The Wizard of Oz, but it definitely has a niche in film history all its own.
***********************Jeffrey Lynn as Blake Washburn *****************
It's a movie with a message and it contains an appreciation for aspects of America which are often denigrated in modern movies: integrity, hard work and profits. Yes, I said profits!
*****Jeffrey Lynn, an actor previously unknown to me, gave a serious portrayal of his character, Blake MacFarland. Marjorie Reynolds was good as his patient fiancee. Alan Hale, Jr. was funny and touching in his role as coworker and true friend of Blake MacFarland. Donald Crisp is right on target in his portrayal of a wise and successful as well as talented business man who was compassionate and humble. Barbara Brown, Melinda Plowman and yes, Marilyn Monroe, are all fine in supporting roles. The director kept the film moving at a brisk pace and the editing is good. The story does not seem dated.

Jeffrey Lynn

Hollywood, CA

J.Lynn Underground.jpg

Title: Underground
Year: 1941
Blk & Wht

One of the first Hollywood films to take a serious look at life in Hitler's Germany, this sobering drama follows brothers Jeffrey Lynn and Philip Dorn as they follow very different paths: ***Lynn as a dedicated soldier***, Dorn as a member of the Resistance movement. With Martin Kosleck, Kaaren Verne. 95 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; featurettes; interviews; more. D73044

Barbi Ennis Connolly, 321st Bomb Group Historian

"Skip E. Lowe Looks at Hollywood,", Skip E. LOWE interviews film and TV stars Barbara Hale ("Perry Mason," "Lorna Doone," "Jolson Sings Again") and Jeffrey Lynn ("Four Daughters," "My Love Came Back"). JEFFREY LYNN's Accomplishments. PRINCESSBARBI Barbara Ennis Connolly

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