Conflict Period:
World War II 1
Army 1
1920 1
Oklahoma 1

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Personal Details

Roy A Martin 1
Level of Education: Grammar school 1
Marital Status: Married 1
1920 1
Oklahoma 1
Place: Mayes County, Oklahoma 1

World War II 1

Army 1
Enlistment Date:
12 Apr 1944 1
Army Branch:
No branch assignment 1
Army Component:
Selectees (Enlisted Men) 1
Army Serial Number:
38695426 1
Enlistment Place:
Ft Sill Oklahoma 1
Enlistment Term:
Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law 1
Source of Army Personnel:
Civil Life 1
Farm hands, general farms 1
Race or Ethnicity:
White 1
Source Information:
Box Number: 1368 1
Film Reel Number: 6.134 1

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He was my amazing Grandfather. He swaped pocket knives, was an auctioner, loved to talk, and could create the best fiddles in the world. He always had something for me when I came to visit. He would stomp his foot, play cards, and wear his cowboy hat. He always said, the skunk sat on the stump. the stump sat on the skunk, who stunk first the skunk or the stump. He would just let out a hearty laugh. The Cherokees truly respected him since he spoke Cherokee very very very well. He drove his red Chevy truck like there was no road. We flew. I love and miss him so much. His Number One, First Born Granddaughter, Regina Gayle Martin

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