Conflict Period:
World War II 1
Army 1
13 Feb 1921 2
Cheraw, Colorado 2

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Personal Details

Benjamin F Tillotson 1
Level of Education: 1 year of college 1
Marital Status: Single, without dependents 1
13 Feb 1921 2
Cheraw, Colorado 2
Male 2
1923 1
North Dakota 1
Burial Date: 26 Aug 1949 2
Burial Place: Arlington National Cemetery 2
Place: Burleigh County, North Dakota 1
Mother: Amelia Margaret Carlo Tillotson 2
Father: Terry Isaac Tillotson 2
Barbara Hall 2
03 Mar 1942 2
Tulsa, Oklahoma 2

World War II 1

Army 1
Enlistment Date:
18 Feb 1943 1
Army Branch:
Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA 1
Army Component:
Selectees (Enlisted Men) 1
Army Serial Number:
37550462 1
Enlistment Place:
Ft Snelling Minnesota 1
Enlistment Term:
Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law 1
Source of Army Personnel:
Civil Life 1
Semiskilled chauffeurs and drivers, bus, taxi, truck, and tractor 1
Race or Ethnicity:
White 1
Source Information:
Box Number: 1230 1
Film Reel Number: 4.140 1

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S/Sgt Bennie Tillotson, B-24 Gunner, KIA Nov. '44


Bennie F Tillotson


S/Sgt Benjamin F Tillotson was a Waist-window Aerial Gunner in the B-24-H "Satan's Little Sister" and was flying a Combat Mission to Hamburg, Germany when the B-24 #42-95180 was hit dierctly between the two engines on one side and was seen to fall out of formation, having feathered an engine but went out of sight as the Group Mission went on.

  All Crew and the ship was LOST.  21 November, 1944.



S/Sgt Bennie F Tillotson was my uncle. His given name was Benjamin Franklin Tillotson. He was born in Colorado on February 13, 1921. There apparently was another Benjamin F Tillotson from North Dakota who also enlisted. The information in the fact section is not correct for my uncle. Also the person pictured is not my uncle it is another member of the crew.

It is my understanding that the pilot and co pilot survived. S/Sgt Bennie F Tillotson's body washed ashore on a beach in Holland. He was buried in Holland and later his body was moved to Arlington National Cemetery. He is buried in Section 34, Plot 3374.

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