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Distinguished Flying Cross

    Distinguished Flying Cross

    Lt. William R. Fredenberge, Menominee, of Wisconsin, who wears this ribbon and also has the Air Medal with seven oak leaf clusters. The citation for the DFC reads as follows:

    "Lieutenant Fredenberg demonstrated superior skill in the execution of a dive-bombing attack upon a heavily defended marshalling yard wherein he personally destroyed three locomotives and thereafter in the face of heavy and accurate enemy fire remained in the target area strafing installations until his ammunition was exhausted. The outstanding flying ability and tactical proficiency which he exhibited on this occasion reflected the highest credit upon himself and his organization."

    Sgt. Shuman Shaw, a full-blood Paiute from California, was wounded on his third mission as a tail-gunner on a B-24 Liberator, but he stayed with his guns and shot down two of the enemy, with three more probably destroyed. During his 22nd mission, while raiding strategic installations at Budapest, he was again seriously wounded. On both occasions he was given plasma. Sgt. Shaw has the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal with three oak leaf clusters, the Presidential Unit Citation, and the Purple Heart with oak leaf cluster.

    Harold E. Rogers, Seneca from Miami, Oklahoma, was reported missing in action on July 3, 1944, when his plane failed to return from a mission over Budapest. Sgt. Rogers had flown 25 missions with the 8th Air Force in England, and then served as instructor in the United States for six months. He went back into action, this time with the 15th Air Forced, based in Italy. He wore the Air Medal with nine oak leaf clusters, and the Distinguished Flying Cross. The Purple Heart was awarded to him posthumously. His wife, a Potawatomi from Kansas, who now lives in Hollywood, was a student at Haskell Institute with her husband and Sgt. Rogers was studying law at the time.

    Lt. William R. Fredenberg Menominee, Wisconsin

    Lt. Richard Balenti Cheyenne-Haida, Oklahoma

    S/Sgt. Peter N. Jackson Hoopa, California S/Sgt. Shuman Shaw Paiute, California

    S/Sgt. Neil McKinnon Yurok, California (1 cluster)

    S/Sgt. Alfred Dalpino Shoshone, Idaho

    T/Sgt. Theodore S. Breiner Sioux, North Dakota

    S/Sgt. Ernest DuBray Blackfeet, Montana (3 clusters)

    Lt. Alfred Houser Apache, Oklahoma (1 cluster)

    S/Sgt. Albert Lopez Delaware, Oklahoma

    Lt. Edward Tinker Osage, Oklahoma (2 clusters)

    S/Sgt. Archie Hawkins Sioux, South Dakota

    S/Sgt. Steve Brown Paiute, Nevada

    T/Sgt. Harold E. Rogers Seneca, Oklahoma

    S/Sgt. Robert C. Kirkaldie Assiniboine, Montana

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