Revolutionary War Pensions: Samuel Adams' Widow Elizabeth

Revolutionary War Pensions: Samuel Adams' Widow Elizabeth - Stories


Elizabeth Adams Applies for Bounty-Land-Warrant

    The application for a widow's pension, based on the service of her deceased husband Samuel, reveals some of Elizabeth's history as well as Samuel's. On the cover page is the notation that Samuel is the son of Winburn Adams, and that he (Samuel) died on 3 Aug 1802 or 1812 at Portsmouth, Rockingham County, NH. The 1800 census of Portsmouth, NH, shows Samuel Adams, but the 1810 census shows only Elizabeth, leading us to believe that his death year is really 1802, which is verified by another document in the application (although the second document says he died 2 August). Also in the file is the information that Samuel was a lieutenant under Col. Reid for 2 years.

    Elizabeth (Parker) Adams married Samuel on 10 June 1784. Elisabeth Osgood of Kensington, Rockingham County, NH, testified in a letter that she had the copy of the book recording marriages performed by her grandfather, Rev. Jeremiah Fogg. She stated that she and Elizabeth Parker were cousins, and that Elizabeth Parker was also the granddaughter of Rev. Jeremiah Fogg. Elizabeth Parker and Samuel Adams were married in the home of Rev. Fogg - the home in which Elisabeth Osgood then lived.

    The cover page indicates that the original application papers were filed prior to the fire of November 1800, and no longer exist ("no papers"). Next to "BLWt" are the numbers 3 (the warrant number) and 200 (the number of acres she was granted).